This Bravo Star Flawlessly Shut Down Anyone Questioning Her Choice To Get A Nose Job


If you've seen any recent photos of Naomie Olindo, then you may think she looks different. Well, there's a reason for that. Southern Charm's Naomie got a nose job — and it's something she couldn't be more proud of. While chatting with Bravo's The Lookbook on Feb. 16, Naomie said about her procedure, "Getting my nose done was something I've wanted since I was eight years old. It's still early in my recovery but I've never been happier."

She continued,

"My surgeon, [NYC-based] Dr. [A Joshua] Zimm, did the most amazing job and my only regret is not having done it sooner! Plastic surgery shouldn't be taboo ... If there's something about yourself that you don't like and you have the opportunity to change it, why wouldn’t you? I did it for me and no one else and want to be as open as possible about it. I'm so happy with my decision and would do it 100 times over."

It's clear that the Bravolebrity is beyond secure in her decision to go under the knife. The way she discusses it shows confidence and how much she loves her new look. Of course, Naomie has also received criticism for her choice, which she handled with the same confidence.

After she posted an Instagram selfie on Feb. 15 (below), where she revealed she is only "13 days post-op" and that there is "zero point in hiding ANYthing", a user commented, "Beauty comes from within...which means, you’re not even close. Still being abusive?!?"

Naomie replied, "You are part of the problem. If someone doesn’t like something about themselves and has the opportunity to change it, do you think they shouldn’t because 'beauty comes from within'?" She continued, "It’s a very personal choice and thank god I feel so secure + happy about my decision that nothing pea minds like you could ever say would ever affect how I feel now. Use your brain. But just so you know yeah I’m still an asshole."

Another Instagram user commented, "Do you accept yourself now? Are you good enough yet? You were perfect as is...no alterations necessary. Love yourselves, my children." To that, the Southern Charm star answered, "lol I love myself just didn’t love having a potato for a nose."

The way Naomie has responded to those who criticize her and that fact that she refuses to hide her procedure helps reduce the stigma that can be attached to plastic surgery. In December 2014, Real Self asked random people on the street their opinions of plastic surgery. Some of their responses included the word "fake" and saying people who have had any type of plastic surgery don't "look realistic". That type of association with plastic surgery shows how often people thing it's something negative across the board.

There are many celebrities and non-celebrities alike who are shamed or judged for altering their appearance, including Kylie Jenner who had lip injections. Plastic surgery is rarely praised, and those who choose to undergo a procedure often are made to feel like they have to defend their decision if it was made for purely aesthetic reasons.

Enter Naomie, who is showing that good can come from plastic surgery. It's a personal choice and if it's going to make an individual love themselves more or feel more confident, then what's the issue?

Like Naomie, there are a couple other Bravolebrities applauding her decision. Her good friend, Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder, commented on Naomie's Feb. 15 Instagram, "I love you so so much. You’re a stunning, open, honest, perfect angel." Southern Charm's Jennifer Snowden also commented, "You looked gorgeous tonight!! Loved seeing y'all!"

If you have an issue with the fact that Naomie had plastic surgery, well, she doesn't care and won't have any problem telling you just that. No matter what anyone thinks, Naomie loves herself — and her new nose — and that's what's important.