A Club Just For Napping Opened In NYC & You're Going To Want To Move In

I work from home, so napping under my desk, George Costanza-style, isn't necessary because my bed is just a few feet away. But for those who are confined to an office, or to the city of New York, there is now an actual nap club that lets you take a break from your work day in a “recharging pod,” and it just became my new nap goal. Going to a club where talking and socializing is not required meets both my getting out more and my napping needs. But Nap York isn't just for napping. You can also use it as a co-working space. This means you can pop in with your computer, do a little work, take a break to meditate or practice yoga, get some shut-eye in a pod, then get yourself a snack at the cafe. Seriously, I'm considering moving in.

"Need a distraction from your busy day? Get cozy in your egg chair and take in the peaceful vibes of the fireplace," Nap York noted on its website. "Close your eyes and take a nap, listen to some music, or relax and read your favorite book." Honestly, since I've been adulting, one of my biggest regrets in life is shunning all of those naps I was offered/forced to take as a kid. If you feel like a failure for needing a nap, you can officially stop because naps are necessary. "As a nation, the United States appears to be becoming more and more sleep deprived," the National Sleep Foundation explained on its website. "And it may be our busy lifestyle that keeps us from napping. While naps do not necessarily make up for inadequate or poor quality nighttime sleep, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness, and performance." Nap York makes napping away from home a luxurious experience by letting you slip into a sweet slumber inside a pod that looks like a fairytale. These sound-proof pods contain actual beds under a sky of soft twinkly lights that makes it feel like your napping under a bed of stars. Seriously, this sounds as close to heaven as you can get in the middle of a busy work day.

For people who are desperate for sleep, a peaceful pod is way more comfy than ducking under your desk for a quick snooze. In addition to luxury naps pods, food, work spaces, and wellness classes, Nap York also has more than 250 living plants, which the company claimed can boost your creativity by 40 percent. It's basically the bio dome we all need to move into when the zombie apocalypse happens.

Because necessity is the mother of invention, nap cafes are popping up all over the world, according to CTV News. While nap cafes are still an anomaly in the U.S., some companies in Silicon Valley have installed nap pods for their employees, according to TIME magazine.

To get the most out of your nap, the Mayo Clinic advised napping in the afternoon, which is totally in line with those mid-day siestas everyone takes in Europe. "The best time for a nap is usually mid afternoon, around 2 or 3 p.m.," the Mayo Clinic explained. "This is the time of day when you might experience post-lunch sleepiness or a lower level of alertness. In addition, naps taken during this time are less likely to interfere with nighttime sleep." It's important to "nap in a quiet, dark place with a comfortable room temperature and few distractions," the Mayo Clinic recommended. "After napping, be sure to give yourself time to wake up before resuming activities."

And, because with age comes wisdom, some self-aware adults don't need any convincing to take a nap. "Nap York! A stone's throw from work," @NYCapricorn tweeted. "Went in for a look and small chops. $7 for a 30-min nap. I'm gonna have lunch early one day and take a full hour in these dark cubicles with stars on the ceiling."

In a big city like New York where it can feel like there is literally no place to get some peace and quiet, Nap York sounds like a sanctuary of silence. Kind of like a library just for naps. If you still feel guilty about wanting to book your afternoon nap right freakin' now, Nap York's overall approach to wellness will dispel any weariness you have about joining a nap club.

"Behind the scenes, our operations team is mindful of the food we use in our menu, and where our scraps and leftovers go. We are supporters of our community and do our best to source our food from local businesses," Nap York explained on its website. "We purchase non-GMO and organic ingredients whenever possible. Any unsold meals go to local nonprofits to be given to those in need while our daily food scraps are sent to local farmers to be used as compost." Sounds like a dream, right? This is no fantasy, and it's time to treat yourself. Because, a luxury nap is the least you deserve.