Nars Just Launched A Whole Orgasm Makeup Line That Includes Highlight & Lip Gloss

Get ready to include a whole lot more pink into your makeup collection, because NARS created an Orgasm blush-inspired makeup line. NARS' Orgasm blush is one of the top sellers at the brand, mainly because its peachy shade is extremely flattering on a variety of skin tones. It's in everyone's makeup bags, from professional runway makeup artists to amateur beauty vloggers. This year the blush turns 20, and to celebrate the anniversary NARS is launching a whole Orgasm-inspired makeup line.

The new collection will include four items: an Oil Lip Tint, an Orgasm Liquid Highlighter, an Endless Orgasm Palette, and the Orgasm blush in a jumbo size. The products are already available, retailing in Sephora stores and online.

“Looking back, I think the combination of its audacious name and its universally-flattering shade made it so popular. Even grandmothers like Orgasm," François NARS, Brand Founder and Creative Director, shared with Sephora.

Each of the products will give you a pretty, pink-tinged glow. The Oil Lip Tint retails for $26 and is "orgasm infused." The oil leaves behind a peachy pink shade on your lips with golden shimmer. Not only does it add sheer color, but it also gives your lips a boost of hydration with its gel-oil texture. When you swatch it on your hand, it goes on clear with a light pink tint. When you put it on your lips, it gives your mouth a high-shine with a flushed pink look. It's the perfect product to put on for a no-makeup makeup look.

The Orgasm Liquid Highlighter is $30 and also comes in a peachy pink color with a golden shimmer. It comes in a bottle with a dropper, where you first put a few drops of highlighter on your palm, and then transfer it onto you cheek with your fingers. You can put the sheer shade on a bare face, or right on top of your blush.

The last piece of the collection is the Endless Orgasm Palette. This isn't just an eyeshadow palette, though. The Endless Orgasm Palette is a face palette featuring six satin-cream shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips. The blendable formula can be built up or swept on semi-sheer.

The shades are Orgasm Ecstasy, which is a soft beige with gold pearl; Deep Orgasm, which is a metallic mauve; and Super Orgasm, which is an iridescent pink with golden shimmer. Then there are the hues Double Orgasm, which is an iridescent pink-lilac with silver shimmer; Orgasm Fever, which is an iridescent copper; and Orgasm, which is a metallic rose gold.

You can blend the different colors together to create a custom color if you like. You can also use it as everything from a highlighter, to a blush, to a lipstick shimmer.

There is also one more bonus product, which is the original NARS Orgasm blush, but in a jumbo size. Clocking in at $40, it's a limited-edition, oversize version of the beloved product.

If you have been obsessed with Orgasm for years now, then you will love this new collection. Add a little more pink into your makeup routine this season.