NASA Has An App That Lets You Take Selfies In Outer Space

Brandi Neal / Bustle

If you've always dreamed of blasting off into outer space, but that whole leaving Earth thing kind of freaks you out, the NASA Selfies app lets you take your picture in space without leaving home. This is total introvert goals. "The new NASA Selfies app lets you generate snapshots of yourself in a virtual spacesuit, posing in front of gorgeous cosmic locations, like the Orion Nebula or the center of the Milky Way galaxy," a news release from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology announced. "The simple interface means you just snap a photo of yourself, pick your background, and share on social media."

What's more, the app also teaches you space facts so you can show your NASA selfie to your grandma and convince her that you travel to space on the weekends with your cat. Since the app was announced a few days ago, space fans have wasted no time posting their NASA selfies to Twitter superimposed over one of 30 space images taken with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. While a lot of animals have already traveled to space, now Fluffy and Fido can slow their FOMO because you can send them to the Milky Way right from your phone. Seriously, you can starting sending space selfies right now from your iPhone or Android and add your snaps to these hilarious space-selfie tweets.


Because, Cats Really Don't Like To Travel

It's no secret that cats prefer to stay home, which is why sending them into space virtually is the best way to let Fluffy get all of those out-of-this-world feels.


Maybe Space Really Isn't Your Jam After All

Hey, suiting up and blasting off to outer space isn't for everyone. Before you commit to your space vacay, let the NASA Selfies app show you what it'll really be like to hang out in another galaxy.


It's A Great Way To Relieve Stress

If you've had a really stressful week, and you've watched absolutely everything on Netflix, unwind with a glass of wine and a trip to space. It's free, and everyone is doing it.


Don't Forget Fido

Unlike cats, dogs love going for a ride. Now you can surprise Fido and make him the envy of every four legger at the dog park when you send him straight to the Cigar Galaxy, which is obviously on his bucket list.


Meet The Castronauts

All of the space cats on Twitter seem less than thrilled about their other worldly travels, but people can't stop posting selfies of their castronauts. The cats are already plotting their revenge for this public humiliation.


Reptiles Keep It Real

Your iguana has probably been plotting its escape since you brought it home so don't be surprised when your reptile friend peaces out to head to another galaxy where it can get itself a pet human.


Your New Work Time Waster

The thing that's missing from your office is a collage of everyone at the company lost in space. Abandon whatever TPS reports you're working on and get it done ASAP. Because, priorities.


It Can Even Send Some Species Home

Like this Ewok that's been stranded here since Return of the Jedi and desperately wants to return to its OG galaxy cluster.


Body Parts Are OK Too

If you're not selfie ready, take a snap of a finger or toe and it's away your body parts go to the Mountains of Creation, which is apparently somewhere in space.


I Thought The Christmas Tree Cluster Was Something Else

Fluffy after realizing that the Christmas Tree Cluster is not a bunch of giant Christmas trees to knock over.


3, 2, 1 Blast Off

If you haven't downloaded the NASA Selfies app yet, what are you waiting for? Get the app, grab a cat, and start your journey to galaxies far, far away.