Memes For National Parents' Day

No one ever said that being a parent is easy, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most rewarding experiences that a human being can ever have. Jul. 23 marks National Parents' Day, and these 14 National Parents' Day memes will provide you with a laugh or two while you're celebrating the day. From losing sleep for a solid 18 years in a row to dealing with a crying toddler in the middle of the night, these memes might hit a little too close to home. The good news is that they're completely hilarious. What's better than laughing at it? Not much, I'll tell you that.

If you've got kids, I hope that you spend Jul. 23 celebrating yourself, even if it is only with a glass of wine at dinner or with a large ice cream on your way to pick up the children from school. Because honestly, if you're a parent, that's probably all you're going to have the time and energy for. Enjoy some laughs this National Parents' Day by scrolling through these hilarious memes, and if you've got some other sleep-deprived parents in your life, make sure you share the humor. These memes won't get you back your beauty sleep, but they will help give you some laugh lines... not the best trade off, but whatever.

Every day is a journey.

You may never sleep a full eight hours again.

Sometimes I wonder if babies actually think this through.


Best dad ever? I think so.

The money just seems to flow when you're walking down the aisles of toy stores.

Kids can be such brats, can't they?

They don't even know.

Just accept it.

Mega props to the single parents.

Jeepers creepers!

Say goodbye to REM sleep.

Whatever you do, don't remove the lid.

Images: Sean Roy/Unsplash; MemeCenter