Your Armpits Can Now Smell Like Rosé, Thanks To This Wine Deodorant

Wine drinkers, rejoice! Now you can smell like Rosé all day long, minus the throbbing hangover that would accompany such a feat. Native's Rosé scented deodorant is back, and it's accompanied by a Rosé bath wash and bar soap. You can now bathe in Rosé, making your most secret dreams come true.

Native is best known for being a safe, effective, and non-toxic natural deodorant that actually works. The brand also sells body washes and toothpastes, but fans love it for its green deo.

Native never uses aluminum, parabens, or sulfates in any of its products, and it has an ingredients list you can actually understand. Turn the bottle around and you will see things like coconut oil, milk of magnesia, and baking soda on the label.

The limited-edition Rosé deodorant is back by popular demand. The deo first launched back in 2017, as part of Native's "Brunch Scents" package. The bundle was inspired by the drinks you would order at with your Eggs Benedict or fried chicken and waffles, including Mimosas and Sangria.

The Rosé deodorant has a sweet, summery scent, riding on a bright blend of strawberry, melon, and floral notes. The deodorant itself is a bit pricey, much like its Rosé counterpart at a restaurant. One stick of deo will cost you $12 for a one-time purchase, or $10 if you subscribe to the product and get an automatic delivery of it every two months.

If you're used to shopping for deodorant on the bottom shelf of Target, then the price might be a little steep for you. There are definitely cheaper options available, clocking in between two to four dollars. But the good news is that this Rosé deoderant seems worth the investment. As of right now, it has nearly 10,000 reviews and has a nearly five-star rating.

"Just received my second order from Native today. I do not think that I will ever go back to regular deodorant anymore. My skin is very sensitive and I often would find myself with bumps caused by clogged pores caused by other deodorants. Since I have begun using this product I have not had that problem and it was an issue that I was experiencing for years," one reviewer glowed. "Doing research and learning the chemicals that are part of common deodorants is mind baffling. It reinforced my decision to switch over for good.

The Rosé deodorant will also come in a Sensitive formula option, which is great for those who have highly reactive skin.

In addition to Rosé deodorant, Native is also launching a limited-edition Rosé Body Wash and Rosé Bar Soap. The wash is derived from coconut oil and uses cleansing salts to clean your body. The soap bar is made with shea butter and coconut oil, and comes with two bars in the bundle.

Whether you pack away a bottle of Rosé every weekend or just casually dabble with the pink stuff when someone opens a bottle doesn't matter. At one point in their lives, everyone has daydreamed about bathing in Rosé. Now thanks to Native, you can.