You Can Buy Big Chewy Nerds In The Shape Of Rudolph's Nose

Emma Lord/Bustle

Gather 'round Nerds nerds, there's a new holiday item just for you. There is a Big Chewy Nerds Reindeer on the market that has red Big Chewy Nerds inside of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-shaped packaging. If you aren't a fan of Nerds yourself (anyone else go through that weird adult thing where you only like chocolate candy now?), then it could make a great gift for a low-budg Secret Santa or a present for a kid in your life.

The original Big Chewy Nerds package include strawberry, orange, grape, and lemon flavors, and it seems for Rudolph, they've only included the strawberry ones to form the reindeer's nose, rather than creating a new, red flavor. The popular candy Instagram account @candyhunting posted a photo of the new Nerds addition with the caption: "🎵Rudolph, with your nose so big and chewy, won't you be a water buoy? 🎵 Uh, something like that. Anyway, if you really like the strawberry Big Chewy Nerds, they're out now in these seasonal Rudolph packs just about everywhere."

As a cute touch, the package suggests that it be hung on a stocking, so it looks like the reindeer is peeking out over the top. Like Candy Hunting notes, the Big Chewy Nerds Rudolph can be found in many stores, and online it can be found at Target and Candy Warehouse.

In addition to the Nerds reindeer, the candy line has some other offerings that would work as stocking stuffers or gifts. And there are plenty more well-known candies that come out with holiday versions, too. Here are a few options:

Frosty Nerds

These Nerds come in a "theater box" (so, it's a lot of Nerds) and include watermelon (green), punch (white), and cherry (red) candies.

Holiday Nerds Rope

There's also a Christmas version of the Nerds Rope, which also has green, white, and red candies all on a red gummy rope.

Nerds Ornament

There are Nerds ornaments, too, but they're harder to find online. Candy Warehouse sells them, along with SweetTarts ornaments, in boxes of 12, if you really want to go for a theme for your tree this year.

Giant Box Of Nerds

For the true Nerds lover or the kid who is easily impressed by oversized things, there's this giant box of Nerds with a bunch of mini boxes of strawberry and grape Nerds inside.

Gobstopper Snowballs

Leaving Nerds-town, Gobstopper makes a red, green, and white layered version of their jawbreakers called Snowballs.

Candy Cane Pop Rocks

What says "festive" like candy that makes your mouth feel like it's exploding? A holiday version of Pop Rocks that is candy cane flavored, of course. Just don't mix them up with any Nerds, unless you really want a surprise on your hands.

Whether you're shopping for a party or for a gift this holiday season, these candies could be a good call. Just be sure to brush your teeth after you enjoy them. My gums are hurting just looking at all of this.