Netflix UK Changed This Pivotal Scene In 'The Notebook' & Fans Are Fully Shook

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If you're a rom com fan, it's pretty much guaranteed that The Notebook will be pretty high on your list of all-time favourites. Noah and Allie's journey of love and loss captured hearts all over the world when the movie was released back in 2004 — and there is one particularly devastating scene we all know the movie for, which comes right at the very end. However, the film, which is currently available to stream on Netflix UK, also has an alternate ending, which the platform has chosen to use instead of the original. Yep, that's right: Netflix UK changed the ending to The Notebook, and people are NOT happy about it.

While I'll massively be judging you if you even need this warning (who hasn't seen The Notebook?!), there are pretty major spoilers ahead. The Notebook is a film about Noah and Allie, who meet when they're both young and fall in love instantly and dramatically. When Allie's family moves away, the two are forced to part ways, and both move on with their lives. Allie even nearly gets married to another man, but the pair are always deeply in love and, of course, make it back to one another eventually.

The movie ends years later, with Allie in a nursing home, struggling to remember anything from her past due to her dementia. Noah spends all his time with her, attempting to bring back the memories of their life together, but, apart from fleeting moments of recognition, Allie fails to remember any of it.

The very end of the film sees the couple lying together hand in hand in bed. Just before they fall asleep, Allie speaks to Noah as if she remembers him, and asks: "Do you think our love could take us away together?" Noah replies: "I think our love can do anything we want it to do." In the morning, a nurse walks in to wake the couple, but finds they have passed away together in their sleep.

However, in the Netflix UK version of the film, the last scene with the nurse has been removed. Weird, huh? Instead of having Allie and Noah pass away, the film ends with the pair simply falling asleep. Interesting...

While I think it's actually kind of a nice ending (who really enjoys an ending where anyone dies, I ask?!), hardcore Notebook fans on the Twittersphere are pretty enraged.

As well as Twitter, fans have also taken to movie-forum feeds to express their confusion.

It's clear this change hasn't exactly gone down well, and it begs the question: why would Netflix UK do this? Pretty52 reached out to reps there to ask, but they declined to comment. I have also reached out to Netflix on behalf of Bustle, but am yet to hear back. I'll be sure to update you if I do.

Perhaps the ending in which the pair die is just too traumatic for some? Either way, it's got fans in a right old state, so I'm hoping Netflix UK will shed some light on their decision soon...