Vanessa Hudgens Is In Danger In The First Trailer For Netflix's New Action Movie 'Polar'

Thanks to what appears to be a series of very unfortunate events, Netflix's Polar trailer puts Vanessa Hudgens in the line of fire. And, well, let's just say things don't look great for the 30-year-old star in the first trailer for Netflix's newest film. They don't look so bad, but they definitely don't look great. Actually, that's not true. Things look bad. Things look very, very bad.

The trailer opens with a few shots of a seemingly small and quiet town, perched remotely in the mountains and under a thick blanket of snow. Viewers then get a quick glimpse into the mind of a very skilled assassin named Duncan Vizla (Mads Mikkelsen), who we soon learn is retired and living right next door to Hudgens' character Camille.

Flash-forward to Vizla and Camille grabbing food together at a diner, where the soft-spoken girl meekly tells him, "I like it here. It makes me peaceful." Mikkelsen concurs, after which Hudgens digs, "You're not from around here, are you?" He's not, of course, and tells her that he's retired. "What was your job?" she asks. "I was in the funeral business," he says. Oh. Sure. Is that what we're calling murder these days?

Now, this is where things take a bit of a turn, as viewers learn that Vizla wasn't just a solo assassin — he belonged to a whole agency of assassins. "As you know," an unnamed voice explains, "we manage the investments of our employees. If a former agent dies after retirement, their $8 million goes back to the company."

Hmm. That doesn't seem very fair now, does it? Do you think an agency of assassins has a HR rep they can voice their complaints to? A mediator, perhaps? Probably not, right? That's a bummer.

Anyway, it appears as if some of Vizla's former colleagues — played by Katheryn Winnick, Matt Lucas, and Johnny Knoxville, to name a few — would prefer that he dies sooner rather than later, so a bunch of them team up to hunt him down. So, why does Camille get caught up in all of this, you wonder? Because she lives next door, basically. (At least, that's what the trailer wants us to think.)

The rest of the trailer is filled with action, and also a ton of guns. Lots and lots of guns. Big guns, small guns, long guns, short guns, guns that Vizla can apparently set off through gloves with lasers in the fingers. It is both very impressive and also a very confusing piece of technology.

At some point, Camille gets kidnapped by Vizla's disgruntled former co-workers. Obviously, he has to try and save her, but he's got to try and save himself, too. "You're not a good man," one of Vizla's allies tells him, "but you're doing a good thing." That's a nice consolation. Kind of.

Polar hits the streaming service on January 25. It's actually been adapted from the Dark Horse graphic novel series Polar: Came With the Cold by Victor Santos, though, so if you can't wait until then to discover Hudgens' fate, you can probably just pick up the book and skip to the end. But even if you do try to jump ahead, Camille's fate could allude you. It's unclear just how faithful Polar will be to the source material, so a twist could always be on the horizon.