The Trailer For Netflix's New Dark Comedy Puts A Creepy Twist On 'Groundhog Day'

Courtesy of Netflix

Ever wonder what it would be like to relive the day you die over and over again on an endless loop? The idea may sound pretty dark, yet that's precisely the premise that can be found within Netflix's new Russian Doll trailer, which features Orange Is the New Black star Natasha Lyonne as the show's central character, Nadia. Lyonne also serves as an executive producer on the project alongside Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, so as bleak as the plot appears to be, you just know it's going to be amazing — a sentiment the trailer is careful to emphasize.

The story kicks off at Nadia's birthday party, which quickly morphs from a fun-filled night to a full-fledged nightmare after Nadia gets hit by a car and dies, only to find herself immediately resurrected and brought back to the start of the party as if time itself had been rewound. And this isn't just a one-time occurrence either. Nadia keeps dying each night only to be brought back so you can experience it all over again. Regardless of what she does differently, she fails each time at preventing the outcome. (Think of it like the movie Groundhog Day only much, much darker.)

So why is this happening to her, and perhaps more importantly — what can she do to make it stop? That's a question the eight-episode series will look to explore when it makes its way to the streaming service on Friday, Feb. 1.

One of the impressive parts about this story is how Lyonne managed to still insert comedy into such a dark plot. Generally speaking, watching someone die over and over again doesn't exactly sound very entertaining, and yet Lyonne's comedic chops are in full force throughout the trailer alone. Each time her character dies, it becomes a little more comical, and the cause of death appears to change with each passing loop. (Except for those pesky sidewalk cellar doors that are found everywhere in New York City, which seem to get her unexpectedly at every turn.)

“I’m not fine. I’m questioning my own sanity,” Lyonne's character can be found saying in the clip, as those around her begin to question her state of mind. “It’s a long story involving multiple deaths.”


But it turns out that not all hope is lost for Nadia. At the end of the trailer she finds herself trapped on a faulty elevator with a young man who seems way too calm about the inevitable death they're both about to experience as the contraption they're in plummets toward the ground. So why exactly is he so chill about it? Well, it turns out that he too dies “all the time.” Sounds like Nadia isn't as alone as she thought, after all. There are others who are experiencing a similar loop that she is.

So what is the connection and why is this happening to these people in particular? Is it possible to break this Groundhog Day cycle without dying permanently? Fans will just have to tune in to see how this comically dark and mysterious tale plays out.