Netflix's 'Secret Obsession' Trailer Shows Brenda Song Isn't Living The 'Suite Life' Anymore


London Tipton's really great — but she would have a hard time surviving the sticky situation that Brenda Song is forced to endure in Netflix's new thriller film. The former Disney Channel queen and Suite Life of Zack & Cody actor stars in Netflix's Secret Obsession trailer, and it's about as far from Disney as one can get. The film centers on a woman who returns to what she thinks is her former life after a tragic assault, but everything is not what it seems.

Secret Obsession follows newlywed Jennifer (Song), who gets brutally attacked at a dark rest stop and wakes up at the hospital unable to remember anything from her past, including the horrifying ordeal itself — and who's responsible for it. Her new husband Russell (Mike Vogel) is just thankful that she's alive and takes her to their beautiful, but very isolated, home in the mountains to recuperate. If this doesn't sit right with you, then you have great instincts.

The Netflix film synopsis reads: "As he reintroduces her to their secluded mountain estate, Detective Page (Dennis Haysbert) pursues Jennifer’s assailant — his own daughter went missing and was never found. The same fate now awaits Jennifer, unless someone realizes that her loving caretaker is actually her captor."

If you didn't guess this already, the man who claims to be Jennifer's husband is actually someone entirely different, who takes her memory loss as an opportunity to deceitfully claim her for himself. But how long will it take for Jennifer to figure that out and make an escape? Longer than it will likely take for the audience to form a strategy in their heads, and that's the point of the new film.

Song told Refinery29 in a new interview that viewers are supposed to figure out the scary Secret Obsession twist long before Jennifer does. "The audience actually finds out the twist before my character does," she said to Refinery29. "I think the thrilling part of the movie is trying help Jennifer catch up." The part of the film that remains a mystery is Jennifer's future, what happened to the actual Russell, and if he ever truly reunites with his wife.


Song also opened up to Refinery29 about why she signed on to do the film in the first place, considering its frightening subject matter, something which she finds enthralling nonetheless. "I think people (me included) just love scaring themselves," she explained. "Obviously having a stalker is no joking matter, but stalker movies are just so fascinating and terrifying."

However, although she might be entertained by stalker films, the process of actually filming one still got a little uncomfortable at times. "All the exteriors of the rest stop and the hospital scenes were shot on an abandoned campus. At night, just walking around set was really eerie and scary," she said. "I was scared to go to craft service."

After watching Secret Obsession, viewers may be scared to walk anywhere at night as well. The new film premieres on Netflix on July 18, but maybe put on some old Suite Life episodes after watching to soothe your nerves.