The Trailer For Ryan Murphy's New Netflix Comedy Teases The Wackiest Election Ever


You may think that you're sick and tired of watching shows with political undertones, but that's only because you have yet to see the trailer for Ryan Murphy's Netflix series The Politician. The show stars Ben Platt as Payton Hobart, a young man with big career aspirations that include eventually becoming the President of the United States. But first he must face a task much more daunting and terrifying: running for student government at Saint Sebastian High School in Santa Barbra.

As many of us are already well aware of by now, maintaining a perfect public image in this current political landscape can be somewhat tricky if not downright impossible, yet it's a challenge Platt's character is determined to overcome — at any costs. But will he prove to be successful? Everyone has their breaking point and while the series already excels on delivering some truly hilarious one-liners, there are also some dark undertones to the story, full of guns, blood, and murder plans, which ultimately results in Payton declaring that he will win this high school election "at all costs." It's an ominous statement and could foreshadow the dark path his road to politics will lead him down. Corrupt people in government? Gee, why does that feel so familiar...

However, Pratt isn't the only Hollywood star Murphy is bringing to the table in his first Netflix project. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Payton’s stylish and chic mother, while Lucy Boynton portrays his competition as political opponent Astrid, who quite possibly wants to win this race just as much as he does — by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Set It Up‘s Zoey Deutch serves as Payton's running mate Infinity, who instantly falls into hot water after footage is discovered of her using a gay slur.

Then, of course, no Murphy production would be complete without Jessica Lange there to steal the spotlight as Infinity's grandmother who is totally fine with a little murder if the situation calls for it.


Fans have been itching for another Murphy and Lange team up ever the release of Feud: Bette and Joan, which aired on FX in 2017. Prior to that, Lange had served as Murphy's main star in the American Horror Story franchise before opting to leave the show after Season 4 (though she briefly appeared in Season 8 to reprise her Murder House role as Constance Langdon). But now with the release of this new trailer, it's clear that Lange's absence from our television screens has made her return more than worth the wait.

The eight-episode series is set to hit the streaming platform on Sept. 27, so there's still over a month to go before viewers can fully immerse themselves in this satiric world of politics and privilege. But if this new footage is any indication, fans are in for a wild ride that's sure to put your fears of diving headfirst into yet another political drama to rest. The trailer promises its viewers everything and that's precisely what it appears to be giving us.