Get To Know The 'Travelers' Cast

Travelers is the newest addition to Netflix's long list of amazing shows and it has just enough of a sci-fi twist to play to a whole host of audiences. Just say the words, "time traveling drama series" and you have hooked me in for the long haul. Netflix's Travelers boasts a stellar cast, and the premise is based around a futuristic civilization figuring out how to send their consciousness back through time. Sign me up.

I'm sure everyone has thought about what kind of crazy technology there will be hundred of years into the future of our planet. Is it really all that hard to imagine that we will eventually be able to send our own consciousness/messages through time? Of course it isn't. This show takes it up a notch by having these "travelers" jump right into people living in the 21st century. Their job is to save humanity from inevitably messing up the world.

Canadian TV network Showcase joined up with Netflix to jointly produce the show, and, since the streaming service always does its original series' justice, Travelers is surely no exception. Now that Netflix has proved themselves to be wizards of original material, big stars are always flocking to become a part of its series.

Eric McCormack As Grant MacLaren

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

His character, Grant MacLaren, is the team of travelers' leader and an FBI Special Agent, because obviously you have to be that with a name like that. McCormack is probably most recognizable as Will from Will and Grace.

MacKenzie Porter As Marcy Warton

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Porter's character is listed as "a young, intellectually disabled woman in the care of her social worker." Porter is a newcomer to acting compared to her counterparts but she is an accomplished country musician. She doesn't have a lot of acting credits to her name yet but I think this will end up being her breakout role.

Patrick Gilmore As David Mailer

Gilmore is best known for his small role in Cabin In The Woods and the cameraman in Trick r Treat. In Travelers, David Mailer is Marcy's social worker.

Nesta Cooper As Carly Shannon

On the show, Carly is a single mom in the time-traveling group. Star Nesta Cooper is a veteran of this genre. She plays Shay in CW's The 100 and Dahlia in Heroes Reborn.

Jared Abrahamson As Trevor Holden

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Trevor Holden, what a perfect name for the quintessential high school quarterback in the group. According to his IMDB page, star Jared Abrahamson has a lot of projects that are currently in production, so be on the lookout for his upcoming roles.

Reilly Dolman As Philip Pearson

In Travelers, Philip Pearson is a heroin-addicted college kid. The actor who plays him, Reilly Dolman, is a busy guy and appeared in Flicka 2, Goblin, and Scarecrow. This guy knows how to channel his inner dark side (ignoring his lighter stint in Flicka 2).

I am super excited to see how this gang of misfit characters manages to travel back through time to save humanity. I will certainly be checking out Travelers when it becomes available to stream Dec. 23 on Netflix.