This One Direction Member Is Officially Going To Be A Model

by Kali Borovic
Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been almost two years since One Direction split into four separate directions, and their timelines have been all over the place. There's been a baby, solo albums, and even model girlfriends. Now there's official new professions as well. According to Vanity Fair, Niall Horan is officially a model. The 24-year-old has signed with Wilhelmina Models, and fans are freaking out over the announcement.

Horan has has a pretty great ride as of lately. All of his singles have shot up in the charts. In fact, according to Billboard, One Direction is the only band besides The Beatles to have three members to all release number one singles. But there's something that makes Horan different from the other members — he's a model.

The "Slow Hands" singer announced in his Vanity Fair interview that he will be teaming up with Wilhelmina Models, despite the fact that he had never actually thought of modeling.

"Obviously, I’m into the fashion side of things. I think it’s part of our culture, and what we do, and my job. I just kind of like fashion in general," Horan told Vanity Fair. "I wouldn’t say I was a model. I’m far from that, but obviously Wilhelmina thinks different. It’s gonna be fun to see what happens. Now that it’s been put in front of me I’m just really excited about it to be honest."

Whether or not Horan thinks of himself as a model, it's still pretty clear that the guy loves fashions. His Instagram is filled with photos of him posing in adorable hats and button-ups. The singer clearly loves style and has his own personal look nailed down.

"I’ve got a couple of different styles that I like. If it was possible to transport easily I would wear a suit every single day I think. I love getting into a suit. I like a slick suit," the singer said in the Vanity Fair interview. "Any chance that I get, not often, but any chance that I get to go to a red carpet, I kinda relish the fact that I might have to wear a suit or whatever, and get into the design of things. I would say I was pretty casual, but with a bit of a twist to it, and I sometimes can be quite folky and rootsy in what I wear. A lot of boots, and hats, and shirts. Yeah, quite basic, simple but effective type stuff.

He's even appeared on the cover of Notion Magazine since the band split, so to say he's got some experience is an understatement.

As you can probably imagine, people are freaking out over Horan nailing the modeling contract. He's taken up tons of public hobbies since going solo, but this latest one is the most exciting yet. While some people are just all around excited, others are guessing which former One Direction member will be added to the list.

The resume gets longer and longer.

See what I mean?! He's pretty much already a natural, so it was only time that he be signed.

You better believe it, people!

Yes, all caps is necessary. And yes, I can hear you screaming.

It's official and it's also adorable.

Even the people who didn't see it coming love this concept.

I get that he's a humble guy and all BUT COME ON.

The fan club just got a little bit bigger.

Actual footage of fans finding out that Horan is now a model.

To put it simply...

Sooo when do we start seeing him in action?

Bottom line: people are pretty darn excited to see a former member of One Direction doing well. There's no telling what else will come from the star.