Nick Jonas Revealed New Jonas Brothers Song Lyrics, Hinting At What Their Album Is All About

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The countdown is on! There are just two more days until the Jonas Brothers’ comeback album Happiness Begins finally arrives on Friday, June 7, meaning we’re so close to fully reliving our Disney Channel glory days. Even though fans have been jamming non-stop to the boys’ new singles “Sucker” and “Cool," they still don’t have much intel into what Nick, Joe, and Kevin's upcoming album is about, but that’s about to change. On Wednesday, June 5, Nick Jonas posted lyrics from the Jonas Brothers’ new album on his Instagram Stories, teasing fans with just enough material to make them speculate even more about what to expect from Happiness Begins.

Going by the album title, and the many things that have happened to each JoBro in their personal lives since the group's famous break-up, including the birth of Kevin's children, Nick's fast-moving and extravagant marriage to Priyanka Chopra, and Joe's engagement to Sophie Turner (they're now married too!), it's safe to say that the boys are in a very happy place in life right now. The new lyrics that Nick revealed allude to this as well, but it sounds like there's still some break-up anthems and relatable songs about rocky romances in the mix. Nobody's perfect, after all. Here's a rundown on all the songs Jonas teased, and what they might be about.

"I Believe"

Of every track on the album, "I Believe" is the one that fans have the most details on. The song was described by Billboard as a "synth-heavy pop jam" that alludes to Nick's relationship with Chopra. The outlet even revealed some lyrics already: “People saying that we move too fast/But I been waiting for a reason, ain’t no turning back". This likely refers to criticism that the couple got engaged and married too quickly, but based on these new lyrics, Nick is committed and absolutely no one can doubt it.

"Love Her"

Now that all three boys are legally off the market, Nick, Joe, and Kevin are learning what it takes to make a marriage thrive: compromise and selflessness, which is exactly what it seems "Love Her" is about, going by these new lyrics.


"Strangers" is an odd title for this song considering that it seems to be about getting closer to someone you already know very well, rather than someone new, no matter how much you try to resist the urge.

"Only Human"

Usually, the expression "only human" is used to excuse stupid blunders and mistakes that many people make, but in this case, it seems that the JoBros are persuading their women to embrace their feelings of love and lust, because love is also "Only Human." Or something like that.

"Every Single Time"

Get the tissues out. "Every Single Time" seems like it will be that tune to cry on your bed to, whether it's about desperately trying to save a relationship or to put it to an end. Based on these lyrics, it could go either way.


"Hesitate" was described to Billboard as "Joe's love letter to Turner" by Nick, and just based on this one revealing lyric, it should make fans weep out of both happiness and jealousy of the couple.

"Happy When I'm Sad"

"Happy When I'm Sad" is already the most relatable song title on the album, and possibly a worthy follow-up to Kacey Musgraves' "Happy & Sad," which perfectly captured the experience of feeling both emotions at once. These lyrics focus on the celebration aspect, but who knows what dark feelings lie beneath them.

"Don't Throw It Away"

"Don't Throw It Away" seems like a therapeutic song, one that could be applied to people with anxiety, dealing with relationship problems, or just juggling a lot in their lives right now. We can always turn to the JoBros for the song that can fix all of our problems.


Breakup jam alert! "Rollercoaster" is sure to be the perfect song to use to say "goodbye." The word "young" automatically makes me think of their Disney heyday, which then makes me remember the JoBros' past relationships with stars like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Could this song be about one of their past loves? We may never know.


It's only fitting that the Jonas Brothers have a song entitled "Comeback" (or as Nick spells it, "Comback") on their highly anticipated comeback album. But this song is all about coming back to that special someone, not to their band. A song about their literal comeback would've been epic though.


In case you haven't heard, the JoBros lost their purity rings a long time ago, and this song seems to be all about their rendezvouses ever since then. Every Disney star grows up eventually!

Of course, also featured on the album are the Jonas Brothers' singles "Sucker" and "Cool." And, all these songs put together definitely make it seem like Happiness Begins will be all about love, for their significant others, and for their fans too.