Madison's Past Is Revealed On 'FTWD'

Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

I think it's safe to say that Fear The Walking Dead has finally caught up to The Walking Dead, dystopia-wise. Everyone is ruthless, everyone is prepared, and everyone is drawing lines in the sand. So much happens on the July 9 midseason finale, between Madison's reveal about having killed her father, Nick finally getting a haircut, and Ofelia's official return — anthrax attack and all. That said, Nick killing Jeremiah on Fear The Walking Dead really sets things into motion and leads to an alliance between his mother and Walker that will shape Season 3 when it returns to AMC on Sept. 10.

Frankly, this is the only way that Madison and her kids could reconcile staying with the Otto brothers and not wanting to join Walker's Nation either. The patriarch represented and/or is responsible for almost everything that was bad about his group. Not to oversimplify it, but he sucks! I'm not sorry to see him gone, except that it does raise the stakes for Jake and Troy's relationship with the Clarks. Plus, Jeremiah's death ended the war and allows them to keep their land. It's the deal that Madison didn't tell the compound about. However, it wasn't Madison that ultimately took Jeremiah down, it was Nick. The family that shares the burden of murder together stays together, at least in the apocalypse.

Since Season 1, it's been evident that Madison has a dark past. Her steely resolve as the apocalypse descended around her has indicated that this isn't the first time she has had to do things to survive and make tough decisions to protect the people she loves. Now we know what happened. As a child, Madison's alcoholic and corrupt father abused her mother — so a tiny Maddie shot him while he slept.

Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Does this mean that Madison and Walker are going to become allies now? They certainly seem to respect one another. There's just one tiny problem. Though it wasn't intentional, Walker is responsible for Travis dying. I doubt these two leaders will ever be best pals. That said, it's a fun dynamic to see on Fear The Walking Dead, and Madison is a fantastic antihero. Surely, alliances will continue to shift when Season 3 returns, especially in the aftermath of this particular confrontation and reveal.