Nick Offerman's Latest 'Parks & Rec' Reunion Would Make Ron Swanson So Proud


There really are no words for Nick Offerman's Parks and Recreation reunion that recently happened, as shared by the comedy's official Instagram on Sept. 16. This particular get-together is totally random and is something that only true fans will appreciate. If you consider yourself a die-hard Parks and Rec fan, then go no further, because you will want to see the person Offerman just reunited with during his comedy tour.

So just who did Offerman find himself in the same room with while on the road for his All Rise show? It was none other than singer and model Kelly Steward. Now that name might not sound familiar and understandably so. While appearing on the former NBC comedy, Steward never spoke or even literally walked through a room. One might say she was an extra of sorts, but not really. More specifically, Steward was only ever seen in a photograph in the office of Ron Swanson (Offerman played him for seven seasons).

Ron was known for his interesting decorating style, including his framed breakfast photos. One might recall a particular photograph featuring a beautiful brown-haired woman holding a plate of bacon and eggs. Yes, that woman is Steward. You can see the picture in question below.

Well, Steward attended one of Offerman's recent comedy shows, in which they reconnected for some photo-ops — and breakfast food. Steward tweeted on Sept. 12 next to a photo of herself with Offerman holding a plate of bacon and eggs, "My heart is bursting....I almost fainted. Dinner with @nickofferman was everything I had hoped including the breakfast food BUT most importantly...one of the most genuine, humble and endearing humans. Thank you for all the laughter and a night I will never ever forget!!"

On Sept. 13, she also tweeted a picture of a painted plate replicating the plate from her Parks and Rec stock photo that she had signed by Offerman. He also autographed two bottles of Lagavulin Scotch, which the actor once promoted. "About last night!" she wrote. "I think I woke up from a dream! Gifted two signed bottles of [Lagavulin] Scotch, a shout out from stage at the end of an incredible show and he signed my plate of breakfast food. @nickofferman you are a class act! Thanks again for an unforgettable evening!"

On Sept. 12, Offerman also tweeted about meeting Steward. Next to a picture of the two, he wrote, "Stalwarts! @KellySteward from Rockford, Illinois, came to see #AllRise in Milwaukee, and we recreated the greatest photo ever snapped by human camera snapping. #Bacon #Eggs The internet did a good today."

This isn't the first time Offerman and Steward ever spoke. In April and May of 2017, they had a lengthy Twitter exchange about the photo. First, she told Offerman the history behind the image. "First, I had just received the worst haircut EVER during a modeling shoot for a hair school then get a call from a New York Photographer to do stock photos in which we shot every possible weird scenario including the breakfast food." Her tweets continued, "Years later a friend noticed my face in the picture in your office on the show. My agency contacted the show with no response. Thought it would have been a great episode...shortly after I never saw the picture in Ron's office again."

Offerman responded to Steward on Twitter by sharing a picture of his office, where the photo of Steward now hangs. According to a January 2015 USA Today interview with the Parks and Rec cast, Offerman revealed he took home Steward's photo from the set after the show ended in 2015.

The photo of Steward was only on Ron's office wall for a short time. The image of Steward first appeared at the very beginning of the second season. In Season 2, Episode 8, "Ron and Tammy," Ron explained the photograph and said, "I'm a simple man. I like pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food. But this stock photo I bought at a framing store isn't real. Today, I got the real thing — a naked Tammy made me breakfast this morning. I should've taken a picture of it."

Soon after the "Ron and Tammy" episode, a new image of just scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast appeared. Before either breakfast photo showed up, a poster of former Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach Bobby Knight appeared on the wall. Offerman told the Washington Post in April 2012 that Knight asked them to remove the poster of him. Offerman revealed that executive producer Mike Schur then found the perfect image of Steward after looking through an album of generic royalty photos.


Offerman told the Post that Steward's photo was actually the catalyst behind Ron's love of breakfast food and dark-haired women. He said, "It’s just this stupid pretty girl with a plate of breakfast, but we got so much mileage out of it on the show, we created a whole thing for Ron where he loved brunettes and breakfast food. So I’d love for that poster to come home to my wood shop." Well, as previously revealed, Offerman's wish was granted.

Who knew a photo of Steward holding a plate of bacon and eggs would become so famous? So much so, she and Offerman even formed a connection over it. Fans will never look at at Ron's breakfast food photos the same way ever again. The pictures certainly have a lot more meaning than anyone probably ever realized.

Editor's note: This post has been updated with the correct spelling of Lagavulin.