Nick Viall Might Be Coming Back To TV After All

by Nicole Pomarico
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that Nick Viall has finally found his happily ever after, it's a little weird to think that his infamous career on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Bachelor in Paradise is behind him. But if you're already missing him being an active part of the franchise, there's good news: He may just be getting started in the world of entertainment. According to what a source close to the former Bachelor told Entertainment Tonight, Viall is reportedly taking acting classes, so maybe he'll return to TV screens someday after all?

The insider said that Viall is reportedly enrolled in an acting intensive class that will last four to six weeks to prepare him to start focusing on comedy training — something that definitely sounds right up his alley. The source added that his first day in class was last Friday, when he performed a solo scene in front of his classmates. That sounds a little terrifying, especially for the first day of class, but knowing Viall's history with The Bachelor, it's not like he's not used to being the center of attention (or being put on the spot).

The only real bummer here is that there's no video footage of that scene, since chances are it would have been really entertaining.

So far, Viall has yet to talk about his new adventure himself, but hopefully he'll start opening up about it soon. It's a little surprising, since he seemed to be really over the idea of being famous earlier this year. In fact, in May, Viall said he has "zero plans to do reality TV" again, which makes sense — filming for all those Bachelor shows plus Dancing With The Stars has got to be exhausting.

But it's good to know he's changed his mind and reportedly decided to pick back up with the classes he started before he became The Bachelor. As awesome a couple he and Vanessa Grimaldi are, it's hard knowing he and his sarcastic commentary will never be part of a Bachelor franchise show again. This way, fans could end up seeing that sarcasm again — this time, channeled into a new character, maybe?

It'll be exciting to see where this could lead Viall in the future, especially if it means he'll be back on TV. He's built his career on being himself, but this new chapter could be where he really shines.