Nickelodeon Released An Orange VHS Tape Eyeshadow Palette & It's The Ultimate '90s Throwback

The '90s were a magical time to be a kid, filled with butterfly hair clips and Lisa Frank trapper keepers. But even more iconic than the memorabilia were the cartoons. School day afternoons and Saturday mornings were filled with Hey Arnold and Rugrats, so much so that seeing those familiar faces today trigger memories of those throwback years. That nostalgia is exactly what Nickelodeon is trying to tap into with its newest unexpected product. Nickelodeon launched a cassette tape eyeshadow palette, and it's going to give you all of the feels.

The palette comes in a bright orange VHS tape, just like the ones Nickelodeon would release with all your favorite specials, like Rocko's Modern Christmas or Doug's Frightfest: Halloween Edition. Just instead of popping it into an ancient VHS player, you open it up to find a range of playful eyeshadow shades.

Rocking your favorite childhood characters across the front, you can make Arnold Shortman, Helga Pataki, and Ren and Stimpy part of your makeup drawer.

If you thought the top of the palette is fun, just wait until you open it. The inside cover has a squiggly-shaped mirror surrounded by even more iconic characters on a geometric, Saved-by-the-Bell-esque background. The likes of Susie Carmichael and CatDog are there to encourage your smokey shadow game.

Nickelodeon Eyeshadow Palette, $16.90, Hot Topic

The color selection itself is highly saturated and electric, focusing on the bright colors we were prone to as kids. From a deep firetruck red to a glittery green to a true blue, it's like diving into a crayon box.

The shade names themselves are going to make you want to do a cartoon marathon, where they reference the old lineup. The top row has: I'm Beautiful (white;) You Eediot! (red, Ren's catchphrase;) He Loves Me (sandy brown, hinting at Helga's unrequited love towards Arnold;) All Dolled Up (pink, which could be about Angelica's doll, Cynthia;) Smashing (a grey beige in tribute to Nigel Thornberry.)

Then the bottom row has: Rawr (glittery green, for Reptar;) Oh Fishsticks (matte white, Filburt's catchphrase from Rocko's Modern Life;) Football Head (bright blue in tribute to Arnold's nickname;) I'm the Boss (sparkly purple, in honor of Angelica;) Hi Ho Diggety (orange, named after a song CatDog sang.)

The palette is like the equivalent of popping a cartoon into a VHS player — so many of those memories and scenes come flooding back by just looking at the colors and reading the shade names. And the amazing thing is the palette is super affordable. The Nickelodeon VHS Cassette Tape Eyeshadow Palette is on sale for only $16.90 at Hot Topic, and it's an official Nickelodeon product.

Nickelodeon Eyeshadow Palette, $16.90, Hot Topic

The palette is currently available online, and the reviews are glowing, meaning it's not just a gimmicky makeup release.

"I am a huge Nickelodeon fan so I had to get this," one buyer wrote. "I wasn't expecting much honestly. I figured it would just be one of those palettes you buy solely because of the packaging. I was pleasantly surprised! The colors are amazing and they go on great!"

Another reviewer admitted the quality isn't the same as what you would expect from Anastasia Beverly Hills or MAC, but the formula is still nice to use.

"'He Loves Me' and 'Smashing' are beautiful neutrals and look good enough for highlights," the buyer wrote, also showing swatches. "'Football Head' and 'Hi Ho Diggety' are the colors that really drew me to the palette. 'Rawr' was the most disappointing. The color looks so intense, but had no color pay off. I had to push in to get any color. 'Oh Fish Sticks' was the chalkiest. 'All Dolled Up' was hard to get color pay off too. Besides that, this palette is way to cool to pass up."

If you want a blast from the past and experiment with shadows that are surrounded by some of your favorite cartoon characters, pick up this throwback palette stat.

Nickelodeon Eyeshadow Palette, $16.90, Hot Topic