Nicki Minaj's Half Pink Hair Is The Only Trend Inspo You Need RN

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Really, really, really long. That was Nicki Minaj's hair at the 2017 VMAs. Besides length that fell well past her derriere all the way to the backs of her knees, Minaj's center-parted hair was half-pink and half-blonde. Her Minajesty's hair, which was likely a wig, was golden blonde on one side and millennial pink on the other. It was truly half-and-half hair and Minaj slayed it, as per usual.

Those of you who have struggled with commitment issues when it comes to coif colors can totally relate to Minaj refusing to pledge allegiance to a monochromatic wig and opting for two colors. Who needs ombre or dip-eyed follicles when you can have a different color on each side of your head, right?

Minaj's pink strands didn't exactly match her pink latex pantsuit -- that was a bit more bubblegum-hued. But mixing pinks totally worked for the rapper, since it's her favorite shade and she didn't look too cotton candy-ish.

Plus, Minaj has often played with blonde hair, like an awesome lob a few years back, among others.

Her half-blonde, half-pink hair was subtle. It wasn't a super drastic contrast and that's likely why it worked so well.

Minaj's hair was only slightly rivaled by all that bling. She was dripping in ice, with stacks of bangles, a choker, and layered necklaces.

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Blonde and pink hair, don't care. BTW, Minaj and MAC have collaborated an epic collection of nude lip products on the way.

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Half-blonde, half-pink, all awesome.