Nicki Minaj Was The Only Person To Channel The Devil At The Met Gala

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Without evil there would be no good, and this rapper wants you to remember that. Nicki Minaj channeled the devil at the Met Gala, and she was the only person brave enough to take the look on. In the sea of airy looks, this one stuck out at the event for a very specific reason. According to the interview with E! News, she wanted to bring the bad guy to the event. Point taken.

There were a lot of all-black looks, but Minaj went above and beyond to commit to her own personal theme. The official Met Gala thee was Heavenly Bodies, but Minaj decided to go a little bit darker. She stepped out at the event wearing a red and black Oscar De La Renta gown. The outfit was completely with an extra-long train, in true Met Gala form, and a Tiffany headpiece that was dripping in red diamonds.

"I wanted to make sure the bad guy was here," Minaj says in the E! News red carpet interview.

It wasn't exactly the religious theme that everyone else took, but no one is quite like Minaj. The look was absolutely stunning and showed just how many ways there are to nail one, specific trend.

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Minaj did leave some "light" for her wrists though. She paired the all dark and somewhat evil-looking color scheme with icy wrists. Because there is good in everyone and every outfit, you know? There train of the dress was also super airy, which was the perfect balance to the look.

The train is the only airy part in the outfit though. The rest of the look was form-fitting and filled with heavy slits and cutouts. The idea of the Met Gala was to come dressed in your Sunday best, but it looks like Minaj had a different take on that than everyone else. Either way, she looked absolutely stunning in the look.

This look is the perfect combination of both good and evil. Although the color scheme doesn't outwardly portray it, there's a little bit of good in this gorgeous design. Or maybe it's just killer style. Tomato-tomahto.

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The closer you look at this outfit, the better it gets. The Tiffany headpiece is a work of art all on its own. There are seriously too many diamonds on this thing to even count. It was a mix of red and black accessories that came together for a look that was so evil that it was good.

The jewels went perfectly with the sequins that covered the dress. There apparently no such thing as too much glam wherever Minaj was pulling her inspiration from. Although she was one of the last people to arrive to the Met Gala, there's no denying that this look was meant to be seen.

She kept the rest of her look simple and not shiny in the least. Minaj stuck to an all-matte look for her makeup. She had a barely-there lip, thick lashes, and a wing to end all wings. She also stuck to soft brows, which was a beautiful was to contrast her evil head-to-toe look. The tips of her fingers did bring back the darkness with an all-black mani though.

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Minaj seems to have a think for black and red. She wore the same exact color scheme to the 2017 Met Gala as well. Of course, the theme is what makes this one so important. Especially since she directly referenced the devil with her inspiration.

In fact, she wears this color in her everyday life a lot too. Maybe there's more to Minaj's style than anyone knows.