Nicki Minaj's "What About Me" Comment At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards Is All Of Us — VIDEO

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm currently thanking the awards show heavens that Nicki Minaj is at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The uncensored queen of everything mouthed the perfect expression during Drake's acceptance speech, and it captures everyone's mood quite perfectly. When the "Fake Love" performer took the stage to accept the award for Top Billboard 200 Album for his album Views, Drake gave a flirty little nod to host Vanessa Hudgens, who impersonated Minaj and her verse from "Monster" earlier in the evening. The cameras went straight to Minaj, who was all like, "Excuse me?" (literally), and it was easily the most relatable moment of the night.

After approaching the mic, Drake pointed his award out and said, "I want to say that Vanessa Hudgens, you look incredible tonight." Random, but I'll take it. Perhaps he was trying to redeem himself from the awkward Rihanna debacle at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and prove he really is a suave sweet talker. Either way, Minaj wanted to make sure she was being seen and complimented as well, as would any third wheel in that scenario.

In that moment, the cameras were on Minaj (sitting next to Lil Wayne) who mouthed and possibly yelled, "Excuse me? What about me?" She held nothing back. Behold, the actual footage of anyone who shamelessly wants the attention they deserve:


And here's the video to prove it:

Minaj and Drake are not only members of the Young Money family, but they make a seriously sexy combination (as proved in the "Anaconda" video). Luckily, Drake was aware and recognized this, later giving a sweet shoutout to Minaj near the end of his acceptance speech. She relished in it, as she should've.

Leave it to Minaj to call out anyone who's anyone at an awards show. Remember her "Miley, what's good?" comment at the VMAs? It's exactly why I love her and look forward to awards shows.