Nike Made Swarovski Crystal Shoes For Those Days You're Feeling Extra


Some days you wake up and all you want to do is wear diamonds at your feet. It might sound extra, but Nike's silver Swarovski Air Max 97 sneakers are here to make sure you have that option if you so choose. While at first it might seem like only Mariah Carey could pull off something so extravagant for an off-duty style (and actually afford it,) the kicks are, surprisingly, somewhat affordable. The reason for that is because they aren't made with actual diamond chunks, but instead use Swarovski's unique Crystal Fabric. "The blinged-out sneakers are made with material that is embedded with over 50,000 miniscule crystals in a very specific pattern," PopSugar reported. The end result is a shoe that will glitter with every step you take, without looking overly bedazzled.

The collaboration started when the NikeWomen Color and Material teams went down to the Swarovski headquarters in Austria, and were introduced to the innovative material the brand was working on. The result of that meeting was the black version of the Swarovski crystal shoe which was released in March, and this is its silver counterpart.

"We were looking to explore shine and durability in a new and innovative way, and we loved the juxtaposition of the Crystal Fabric’s tough sparkle to reinvent an already iconic shoe," Marie Crow, the Material Design Director for NikeWomen sportswear, shared in the official press release.


"In addition to basically creating a look-at-me kind of effect for your feet (and giving its chosen wearers a newfound sense of being lit from the ground up), the release marks the first time NikeWomen has used crystals on a shoe," Refinery 29 reported. The look was inspired by imagining what happens when "speed meets light," causing your feet to sparkle.


If you're wondering just how many credit cards you will have to max out to make this new release part of your shoe collection, the answer is: Not many. It might smart your bank account a little, but it's not wildly expensive. The silver Air Max 97 LX Swarovski will be available for $400, just like its black counterpart. It will be available for purchase on Sept. 7 at select retailers, so you still have some time to scrape together some dollars. But the outcome will be worth it: For those days you wake up feeling extra, you'll now have a shoe that matches your mood.