Nike's New Sneaker Promotes Mental Health Awareness Through Subtle Design Details

Couresty of Nike

For style lovers, there's always something new on the horizon. Brands are constantly releasing new eye-catching pieces, but Nike's new Air Max 270 React sneakers are more than just a bomb shoe. The new "In My Feels" Air Max 270s promote mental health awareness through subtle design details, and it's the perfect melding of a great effort and great fashion.

The new Air Max 270s from Nike feature the same overall design as existing pairs available on the brand's website now. With cushion in the heel, a lightweight fabric, and rubber sole, some design elements remained the same. Others, however, were changed to reflect the shoe's purpose of promoting mental health awareness.

The brand partnered with mental health advocate Liz Beecroft to create the new "In My Feels" version of the sneakers, and hidden in the design, there are several details that serve as a reminder wearers to be conscious of their own mental health.

The most obvious detail is the color of the new 270. The sneaker is lime green with white details including the rubber bottoms and laces. Green was chosen because it's the color of mental health awareness, and while the shoe is more neon take, it's still obviously green.

Courtesy of Nike

Once you get an up close look at the sneaker, you'll also notice that the iconic Nike swoosh has been changed. Instead of the classic design, the swoosh and been modified to more of a squiggly line that, according to High Snobriety, is meant to represent the ups and downs of life.

Then, there are the details on the tongue and heel. Shoppers will find the phrase, "Have A Nice Day," on the tongue, and on the back, the words "In My Feels" are written.

Courtesy of Nike

If you love the design of the original shoe and are feeling (sorry, couldn't resist) the subtle nods to mental health of the new Nike "In My Feels" Air Max 270 Reacts, the sneaker is available now at the Nike website. The shoe retails for $180 and is available in both men's and women's sizes. The sneaker is, however, limited edition, so if you want to cop a pair, you need to act fast. According to Nike's website, the sneakers are custom-made, so once you order your pair, prepare to wait four weeks for them arrive at your doorstep.

While the design is likely what's going to make you want to shop the shoe, there's another bit of information that'll have you rushing to order. According to High Snobriety, proceeds from the sales of the shoe will go to benefit the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

Bustle has reached out to Nike for additional details.

Courtesy of Nike

If you want to shop the new Nike "In My Feels" Air Max 270 Reacts to promote mental health awareness or rock them to remind yourself to be mindful of your own mental health, you can head to the Nike website now and grab your own pair before this limited edition design is gone.