Nikita Dragun’s ’Dragun Beauty’ Campaign Features Trans, Nonbinary & Gender Fluid Models

Manny Carabel/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a time where representation arguably matters now more than ever before, new beauty brands have emerged to make makeup more inclusive for all identities and backgrounds. Nikita Dragun's Dragun Beauty Campaign is just one of the latest examples that uplifts trans people in beauty and exemplifies that makeup can be for every and anyone.

Dragun is a beauty YouTuber who initially started her channel back in 2013. The beauty star openly identifies as a trans woman and has used her platform to advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Now, Dragun is slaying the beauty community with a gorgeous and inclusive campaign for her new makeup brand, Dragun Beauty.

Dragun had first teased that Dragun Beauty was coming to fruition on March 8 on Instagram. The video posted showed a 3D version of the beauty YouTuber clad in a bikini, purple hair, and a dragon tail. On March 20, though, the makeup guru turned business mogul posted a photo on Instagram announcing the official launch of Dragun Beauty. In the photo, Dragun poses in her famed purple hair while bare-shouldered alongside five other models of various ethnicities and identities. It is seriously stunning.

“the first Trans owned beauty brand for Trans people and ALL people 💜 @dragunbeauty,” Dragun captioned the photo. “i’m so honored to have Trans, Non-binary, Gender Fluid, models of all shapes, sizes, and colors a part of my campaign!”

Dragun Beauty shows the blurred lines among gender and how it makes for a breathtaking beauty shot.

According to the brand's site, Dragun Beauty is where all makeup lovers are welcome to explore the wonders of beauty.

"Digital in our DNA, we’re all about empowering beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities as we journey along the road to self-discovery; unleashing the fantasy within."

Dragun's first launch of items includes two products: the Dragunfire Skin Perfecting Potion for color correcting, the Dragunheart Transformation Face Powder, and options to buy both products as a bundle inside one of two decoratively designed dragon eggs. Unfortunately, since the launch, all of the items have swiftly sold out.

Although some fans might have missed the first wave of Dragun Beauty products, they can sign up to receive alerts when everything is restocked. In the meantime, you can put a few dollars aside for the relaunch as everything currently on the site retails between $25 and $105.

Prior to the launch of the new products, Dragun shared to Twitter on March 11 that she wanted to create makeup that had the ability to completely transform a person's look, just as she has through her YouTube videos.

While there are more and more gender-neutral beauty brands arising that specifically target queer and trans people — like Fluide, Non Gender Specific, JECCA Makeup and more — Dragun Beauty is one of first and few trans-owned beauty brands to emerge.

Say it loud and say it proud: Representation matters, so the voices that often go unheard can finally have a safe space to speak.