This Monthly Mani Kit Is The Easiest Way To Create Awesome Nail Art

With the holidays nearing to an end, most bank accounts are looking a little barren. From all the presents bought to the rounds of drinks indulged in to plane tickets booked, the month has a tendency to drain a paycheck dry, which is a direct hit on nail salon indulgences if you're a beauty lover. When there's barely enough money to buy a sandwich, it can get a little tricky popping into the salon for a fresh mani. But with NinaNailedIt monthly subscription box, you can get new nail art for half the price, setting you back a mere $10 for a fresh update.

The NinaNailedIt Monthly Mani Kit is sent to your doorstep each month, and subscribers receive limited edition sets of nail wraps and handpicked nail art extras to accent their manicures, all designed by Nina Park, a nail artist in Boston with a following of over 80 thousand on Instagram. But the cool thing about Park is being a nail artist is just her side hustle. She's actually a teacher, but fell in love with painting nails a couple of years ago and let her hobby grow into a passion, which turned into an amazing side business.

It all started with a nail appointment a couple of years ago, where Park decided to be a little extra and requested a glittery top coat for her manicure. She couldn't stop staring at the shimmer, and became curious what else she could put on top of her next mani, which delved her into the world of nail art. Next thing she knew she had an Instagram following tens of thousands of people deep, and wanted to share her ideas with other people who wanted to jazz up their own painted nails.

And that's when the monthly mani kit came into existence. Knowing that Park is a full-time teacher makes the kit even more accessible, because it really reiterates that you don't have to be a pro in order to play with your nails and make them look fabulous. And with the stick-on wraps, all you need is a steady hand to create salon-quality looks.

In January, for instance, subscribers will receive something called "transparent Fresh wraps," which boast a white floral design on a clear background, meant to be layered over your favorite polish. In addition to that, there will also be tiny gold marquis charms to jazz up the look further.

The monthly Mani Kits ship out during the first week of each month, and if you pop over to Go Scratch It, the site the kit is sold on, you can check out the design featured in the header to see which wrap you'll receive first when you sign up today. They will also send you an email once a month with a sneak peek of the next month's wraps, and if, say, you don't like the designs or know you won't have time to update your nails, you can cancel your subscription any time before the 28th of each month. To give you an idea what kind of designs you can look forward to, check out some of the mani kits from previous months below.


Gilded Snowflakes

Running with the snowy theme of December, Park created watercolor nails layered with gold snowflakes to create a gilded, abstract design that's both light and airy, but still super festive. The gold snowflakes were the wraps in the kit, and she created the minimalist, colorful brush strokes herself.


Glitter Tipped Nails

Here's another iteration of the December kit. This time, instead of layering the gold snowflakes over a watercolor background, Park put them on top of nude nail polish and added glitter tips.


Shark Themed Wraps

For June, Park went with a shark themed package, featuring quirky shark face decals, naval stripe wraps, and anchor stick-ons.

For $10 a month, this is a fun deal that will deliver salon-quality nails right to your door. There's so little to lose, and so much nail art to gain.