9 Ways That John Oliver Makes Your Week Better

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did your Sunday night feel incomplete? And does your Monday morning now seem just a little devoid of joy? It's not just the lack of caffeine, but rather the lack of laughs from Last Week Tonight.

Whether you tune in on HBO or via YouTube during your morning commute, no John Oliver is a rough way to start your week. And this week he didn't have a new episode. That's what you're feeling right now: withdrawal. If you think about it, there are at least nine ways Oliver makes it easier for you to get through the week.

Of course, there are times when Oliver is not there with us. Think back to the days after the election. The show covered Trump's win and then Oliver went on hiatus for several months. We had to wait until the middle of February to hear more from our favorite news comedian. So many more things happened between Election Day and Inauguration Day, and we just had to move forward with no support from the hilarious Brit.

Now, of course, everyone needs a break, some vacation, and luckily, this is just a short break. Last Week Tonight will be back on the air this next Sunday, April 2. After you watch next week, pay attention to these ways that he helps improve your upcoming week.

1) He Makes Politics Easier To Understand

With Oliver, politics can make sense. The normal news may give you up-to-date information every night, but Oliver's weekly review takes the week's developments and puts them into context.

2) He Does Deep Dives

The Flint lead water crisis was underreported generally. But where else did you see a mainstream show spend 20 minutes straight talking about it? Oliver will take the necessary time — at times entire episodes — to fully cover a topic. Everything you need to know is covered when takes on an issue.

3) Those Hilarious "And Now This" Bits

Even when Last Week Tonight is brief, it's brilliant. Often in between the introduction and main segment, the team edits together hilarious clips from cable news, C-SPAN, and more — all with one hilarious them. He introduces them with "And now, this..." From there the jokes are self explanatory.

4) You Learn About Topics You Didn't Know Mattered

Take the weeks that Oliver covers things like auto lending. You didn't know how important this was before hand, but then after Last Week Tonight's main segment, you realize that you need to do something to make the world a more fair and just place. And in case you were thinking of taking on a dubious auto loan, now you know better.

5) He Feels The Same Way You Do About "President Trump"...

Oliver has been starting his episodes this season with a little take on "President Trump," which he says just sounds unnatural. "We begin this evening with President Trump: Two words that still simply do not belong together, like 'baby pubes' or 'haunted horse,'" he jokes. Every week there's a new take on it, and it's always so good.

6) ...But Oliver Doesn't Want To Focus On All Trump

We already spend too much of our lives focused on the president and what could go wrong. The news alerts on your phone are scary enough. Oliver gets that and wants to focus on other things too.

"I think we're very anxious to not make it all Trump, all the time — both on a level of interest and on a level of what the human soul can sustain," Oliver told The Hollywood Reporter as his new season began.

7) He Doesn't Bug You On Twitter

He's not constantly blowing up your feed with ridiculous tweets, unlike some other guy we know. Oliver is on about once a week, maybe twice.

8) He's A Feminist

Whether it's abortion or equal pay, Oliver always knows the right thing to say about the issue. And he focuses on the right issues too. Without a doubt, both Oliver and his coverage are truly feminist.

9) He Makes You Care

You name the issue, and Oliver can overcome your apathy. He really can. Many of his segments end showing the ways that he's trying to make a difference, by buying a cable news ad to convince the president he needs to learn about our nuclear weapons, for example. He in turn convinces viewers that they can make a difference and should intervene. That's huge and it will make your day to know you have done just that.

So take some solace in the fact that Oliver will be back on next week. And in the meantime, try and channel him as you go about your day. Maybe you can still benefit from Last Week Tonight viewing — even if it is a repeat.