Noah Centineo's 'The Fosters' Costar Cierra Ramirez Spilled Details About His Perfect Match

Ron Tom/Freeform

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Here's what it takes to date the man who brought Peter Kavinsky to life. Noah Centineo's perfect dating partner must be a "woman of the world," well, at least that's what his former Fosters costar Cierra Ramirez dished to Entertainment Tonight last December. If anyone knows Centineo and who would make the To All the Boys I've Loved Before actor happy in the romance department, it's Ramirez, who played his twin sister on the Freeform series for three seasons.

The two essentially grew up together on set, so Ramirez knows exactly what the Netflix star wants and needs when it comes to love, especially after she heard about his very first date ever with a girl.

The Good Trouble (The Fosters spinoff, in which Centineo will serve as a guest star) actor was kind enough to dish,

"He's told me about some of his dates. His first date with a girl was, they went on a rooftop and they exchanged books and they read there together for hours."

That's definitely the opposite of a Peter Kavinsky date, but let's all remember Centineo is his own individual and not the characters he portrays on the small and big screens. Also, can you imagine just chilling and reading books with Centineo? It actually sounds pretty perfect, not to mention romantic.

Ramirez didn't stop there, and continued about Centineo's ideal significant other,

"So she's definitely got to be [intellectual], able to go on hikes with him and watch the sunset. Who wouldn't want to do that? But she's got to be down. She's got to be a woman of the world."

Centineo has been extremely open about when it comes to falling in love and the kind of woman he's looking for. In August 2018, he told E! News that whoever is dating him must "take care of themselves" and they have to be "honest."

As for meeting someone, the 22-year-old prefers a face-to-face connection versus through a phone or online. He explained to E! News,

"I'd much rather meet someone randomly, like whether that's me out doing something that I love to do, because if you're out doing something that you love to do and you meet someone doing something they love to do then you're doing things you love to do at the same place, then odds are you like the same things and you have similar interests to talk about."

Last August, the Sierra Burgess Is a Loser actor also chatted with Teen Vogue about his love for romantic comedies and loving love. "I'm really into love," he admitted. "I'm a hopeless romantic some days and a hopeful one on other days, so I hope to do more [rom-coms] moving forward. But I also hope to branch out and show different dimensions of my work."

A man who loves romantic comedies and falling in love? Yeah, it sounds like Centineo would make a great match. Ramirez said she has yet to set up her friend on a date with anyone, but she's definitely not opposed to the idea. "I haven't played matchmaker with him," she told ET. "Not yet but, you know, why not?"

Whoever Centineo dates in the future, it sure sounds like the relationship will be a worldly experience filled with intelligence, books, adventure, and, of course, romance, so basically something straight out of a rom-com.