This Company Will Pay You To Travel The World — Here's How To Apply

If you've got a serious case of wanderlust, and you want to parlay your passion into a career, I have good news. Noken is looking for a cultural exploration officer to travel the world. The cultural exploration officer, aka the CEO, is the person in charge of gaining a holistic introduction to the unique cultures of Japan, Iceland, and Portugal, Noken explained on its website. As Noken's CEO, you'll earn $100 a day to manage your travel in these three countries and create original content about your experiences to share with the Noken community.

OMG, where do I sign up? If you want to apply for this bucket-list gig, "Provide the perfect introduction to your hometown by taking five photos of your hometown’s landmarks and local gems," Noken said. "Post these photos in a carousel on Instagram and tag @Noken. In your caption, use the hashtag #NokenCEO and describe why you should be Noken’s next CEO." The deadline is Dec. 31, so get snapping ASAP to throw your hat in the ring.

Aside from this being a dream job, it's also good for your mental health. According to a study published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, women who travel regularly are less likely to be depressed, tense, tired, and are more satisfied with their relationships.

As the CEO, you'll go on trips to assist in curating Noken's self-guided travel app. The best part is that you can keep your day job and basically get paid to go on vacation once a year to Iceland, Portugal, and Japan for three years. As part of the job, you'll write three blog posts that capture your experiences, which is a great way to dip your toe into the world of travel writing. While you're traveling, you'll also gain a new perspective as your world opens up.

"There are lots of psychological benefits from change of venue from home and work to 'third places' devoted to just experiencing the environment. With a short list of activities each day, freed up from the complexities of ongoing projects and relationships, the mind can reset, as does the body, with stress relief the main outcome. Humans thrive on novelty, and travel offers the complete package with new faces, sounds, and sights," U.S. News & World reported quoted Dr. Margaret J. King, director of the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis, as saying.

This is exactly what Noken provides to its CEO. The main objectives of this dream job include getting out of your comfort zone and learning about other cultures. The company's goal is to introduce travelers to new destinations, and as the CEO you'll be part of that process.

"We get to know the cities that people visit most, the activities that define each city, and sights that people can’t leave without seeing. Then we wrap it all in a travel schedule that gives trips momentum without feeling overwhelming. You should leave each country feeling like you’ve made a friend," Noken noted on its website. Sound like your ideal side hustle? Apply now. Someone has to get the job, and it may as well be you.