You Can Literally Get Paid To Come Up With New Yogurt Flavors — While Traveling The World

by Brittany Bennett

Thinking of conducting a major spring cleaning but for your career? Do I have the dream job alert for you — and it doesn't involve a cubicle. Noosa Yoghurt is hiring five flavor finders to travel the world and, well, find new yogurt flavors. I would say it's about time to polish your résumé, except that that little job scouting ~ritual~ won't be necessary for this gig. You should, however, polish up your refrigerator repertoire and your 'gram skills. Get a flair for flavors and you could soon be traveling the world in the name of research. Like Indiana Jones, but for yogurt.

Noosa Yoghurt describes their product as "half art, half food science and half magic." The reason why you keep digging your food into the container for bite after bite is because the ingredients used in the production of the breakfast staple are really, really good. I'm talking farm fresh milk and wild blueberries. From Colorado to your fridge, with love.

Of all the yoghurt options overwhelming the eye in the midst of grocery shopping, Noosa Yoghurt stands out most notably for their flavors. Hello, "Blackberry Serrano," "Raspberry Lemonade," and "Coffee Chocolate Almond." Don't mind if I do cozy up to a few tubs of you. If you think these flavors hit the spot, but you can creatively come up with even more ~enticing~ combinations, be Noosa's guest — no, really — and apply to be one of five lucky flavor finders.

It's like getting Willy Wonka's golden ticket but for yoghurt. Your flavor adventure can sprawl for miles and miles or go no further than your front door. Noosa's job opportunity page lists "Flavor Finder" at the top. Responsibilities include, "Travel far, near, or nowhere at all, to find the most interesting and inspiring flavors (on our dime). Share your travels and tastings on social. Help inspire the next noosa yoghurt flavor." If you have a grand idea for a flavor, or want to set out on the hunt for a treasure trove of underestimated ingredients that will inspire the next great noosa taste, you should at least know how to Instagram.

If you're constantly delaying your friends from soaking in the river of their runny egg yolk in order to capture the perfect Instagram, you might soon be rewarded for your ~creative direction~. Qualifications for this role are listed as, "Must have the skills to take mouth-watering #foodie pics. Must be willing to try new foods and flavor combinations. Must have a zest for adventure." Making your friends wait to eat their brunch could be worth it overall. If you're a hashtag master and the kind of person whose interest is piqued by the words on the menu you've never seen before, you should basically start packing.

Applications are due by Apr. 20, 2018 and all you have to do is upload a picture to Instagram or Twitter that shows a "food that inspires your dream noosa flavor [...] and a caption that describes your foodie flavor inspiration. Don’t forget to include @noosayoghurt and #flavorfindercontest!" You can totally also pose with a tub of your current favorite flavor but that's optional.

If you're one of the lucky five chosen to venture the world for a taste of yogurt, you'll be adding the sweetest summer job to your resume. This dream gig is from May 7 to Sept. 1. You'll be flown to the Noosa Yoghurt farm in Bellvue, Colorado to learn about the dairy product you'll be working for. And then you'll be set to the ride into the cotton candy sunsets of summer again and again in search of flavor with a stipend of $2,000. I wouldn't start cleaning out my desk drawers just yet, but tidying up — just in case — wouldn't be a bad idea. Good luck!