Throwing A '90s-Themed Halloween Party? This One's For You

Walt Disney Pictures

Halloween is supposed to be a celebration of the spooky and scary. And while most of us have totally come to embrace rampant '90s nostalgia with open hearts, there's still plenty scary things about that decade that are perfect for being used as inspiration for an epic '90s-themed Halloween party. I mean, I don't know about you, but I still have nightmares about things from the '90s. From my rainbow colored braces rubber bands to some of the creepiest episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark, there are plenty of things from the '90s that are just spooky enough to make your Halloween party memorable. Plus, we're all not-so-secretly feeling incredibly nostalgic for the '90s, and for many of us, the last time we really celebrated Halloween earnestly was in the 90s. So why not bring it back, full circle?

To get an early start on your party planning, I've put together a list of ideas to help you get into the headspace of the '90s — a time when hair couldn't be straightened, and wires kept us inside and plugged in. I shudder to recall it. Get ready to show off your hair frizz and matte make-up looks: here's your guide to throwing the best '90s-themed Halloween party ever.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark Movie Night

Instead of having an actually scary screening night with your friends, visit this old favorite and see how silly it all seems as adults. Or who knows, maybe it was just as scary as we though it was.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Face Paint Station

These characters were so crazy looking, but that makes them so perfect for Halloween. Get some face paint, pick a character for each guest, and do your best imitation!

Make A Danny Elfman Playlist

No one knows spooky sounds like Danny Elfman. Put together a playlist of his creepiest soundtracks and play it for your party. It will really set the vibe.

Make Slime Cocktails

You remember slime, it was your favorite thing to be dumped on celebrities on Nickelodeon. Bring it back in all its sticky, goopy glory in a slime cocktail.

Play Morbid MASH

Remember when that game MASH used to be all convertibles and mansions and dream jobs? Make the options a lot more grim in this Halloween version. Raise the stakes!

Decorate With Inflatable Aliens

Personally, I remember having these in my room in high school until one day I woke up and realized they were really creepy and got rid of them. Halloween is the perfect time to bring them back.

Beetlejuice Theme Dinner Party

Make your dinner party just like everyone's favorite scene in the movie. Turn up the music and get your guests dancing in their seats to reenact the epic scene.

Fix The Cassette Tape Contest

When an audio tape spun out of control or got stuck, it was literally a nightmare. But Halloween is all about nightmares, so present your friends with some seriously tangled tapes and have them race to reel them back in!

Warheads Tasting Contest

Warheads are pure torture. See which of your Halloween guests can handle them long enough to get to the flavor inside and guess it.

Get A Hocus Pocus Cauldron

Set the vibe with a cauldron. You can find one at your local party store and fill it with snacks, punch, or creepy things.

Fun Dip Shots

Pick your spirit of choice and decorate the shot glass rim with the sweet powder of Fun Dip, and put the chalky dipper into the liquid for decoration!

Give Out Chokers As Goodie Gifts

What's a party without a goodie bag? And what's a '90s party without a choker? It's the perfect thing to give to your friends before they go.