NYX Cosmetics Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders Are Going To Up Your Highlighting Game

If you've been dying to amp up your highlighting game but don't quite have the funds to commit to department store quality strobing products, NYX has you covered. The new NYX Cosmetics Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders are going to bring a heavy dose of sparkle to your makeup bag at the fraction of the cost. Coming to drugstore aisles near you during the end of December, you'll have five different shades to choose from in the collection, promising you'll achieve every sparkly makeup fantasy you've ever had. From frosty ice queen cheeks to warm rose gold highlights, you'll be able to create it all.

And according to Allure, this specific type of highlighter will be able to shift colors as the light hits you from different angles. The "illuminators are created with unique chromatic pearls, which provide a multidimensional finish. So instead of providing a one-color-based glow, the powder will transform as different wavelengths hit your face. It's holographic," Allure reported.

Considering the special effects involved in the formula, you would think that the drugstore brand would add a steep price to their new illuminators. But it's only going to set you back eight dollars — meaning you'll have plenty of money to indulge in more than one!

Below are the shades you can shop come Dec. 28:

1. Twilight Tint

Twilight Tint, $8, NYX Cosmetics

A blue tinted, silvery-white highlighter that will give you an icy glow.

2. Crushed Bloom

Crushed Bloom, $8, NYX Cosmetics

This shade will give you a subtle, dusty-pink glow on the apples of your cheeks.

3. Snow Rose

Snow Rose, $8, NYX Cosmetics

Snow Rose has a lavender base with cool undertones that will help you achieve a soft highlight.

4. Synthetica

Synthetica, $8, NYX Cosmetics

If you want a gold undertone, then the rose-bronze Synthetica is the color for you.

5. Lavender Steel

Lavender Steel, $8, NYX Cosmetics

A lavender powder with purple and blue undertones, this will create a nice cool color.

As you can see, you can dabble through a whole range of colors with this collection, moving from cold to warm shades, depending on your mood. These will definitely be an amazing addition to any beauty lover's arsenal.

Images: NYX Cosmetics (5)