Unicorn Blood Lip Gloss Exists & It’s Actually Really Gorgeous


If you have a dark hedge witch kind of aesthetic, then NYX's new collection is going to make you want to do back flips. It's spooky and magical and just a little bit of dark, bringing a touch of enchantment to your daily makeup routine. Appropriately dubbed the Unicorn Blood Lip Gloss collection, the line brings you five limited-edition glittery glosses in a range of dark chrome shades. Coming to you at $8 a piece, they're a little on the pricier side when it comes to drugstore products, but once you see just how spellbinding they are that price tag will make a whole lot more sense.

In a "Beauty Drop" video by the brand, NYX teased fans with the launch by offering swatches and tips on how to wear the dark lippies. The glosses have a sheer black base lifted with duo-chromatic sparkles, making you think of midnight blue velvet and black choker pairings. You can wear the gloss alone for a high-impact sparkle lip, or layer it over your favorite matte lipstick to change up its color.

The colors are an eclectic mix that will speak to everyone's aesthetic, ranging from lavender-gold to amethyst-blue. This lippie dropped on Feb. 1 so there aren't too many reviews on it yet, but the few that are up so far are all raving.

"Amazing.....100 percent absolutely amazing. I love it. It's definitely worth the money," one reviewer shared. "I looove these new lippies! They’re absolutely freaking gorgeous! A must have for NYX lovers and makeup lovers in general! Application is easy. Duo chrome effect is amazing!" another wrote. "If your looking for that out of this world type of gloss this is it. Color is just as pictured even better in person," another reviewer shared.

The only complaint thus far is that the gloss is a little on the sticky side, but the plus side is that it's long lasting and that the color payoff is huge. A few people did warn that if you're not into non-traditional makeup looks (think veering more towards rose lipsticks and simple black liner,) then this might be a little too intimidating to rock. "While the colors are pretty they are way to dark for the entire world to enjoy," one reviewer warned, giving the product two out of five stars. "Someone who’s super into make up would love this and can pull it off." But if you're willing to experiment or aren't afraid of a duo-chrome finish, then it's still worth trying. To give you an idea what your options are, the shades are below!


Unicorn Blood Lipgloss, $8, NYX Cosmetics

A purple and black blend with gold sparkle flecks mixed in, the "Clash" gloss makes you think of spell books and black velvet dresses. It's also a rich plum color, giving you a dark pop of color.

Black Hole

Unicorn Blood Lipgloss, $8, NYX Cosmetics

"Black Hole" is so appropriately named, since that dark purple-black hybrid makes you think of swirly galaxies and dark matter. This gloss is a purple and dark blue metallic mix, bringing your a more navy color than the "Clash" option.

Cosmic Glaze

Unicorn Blood Lipgloss, $8, NYX Cosmetics

'90s kids rejoice, "Cosmic Glaze" is the metallic, frosted brown of your youth. The only brown option in the limited edition collection, it swirls together a chocolate-y shade with a black foundation, while adding in gold flecks to bring it some shimmer.


Unicorn Blood Lipgloss, $8, NYX Cosmetics

Kinetic mixes purple, bronze, and gold together to bring you a metallic, black-finish purple color that has goth vibes all over it.


Unicorn Blood Lipgloss, $8, NYX Cosmetics

"Eclipse" brings the spellbinding moment of the moon passing over the sun straight down to your lips. Mixing a bright teal with purple, you get this cosmic, grey-tinged shade.

As you can see, the shades are super bold and mysterious-feeling, bringing you a dark twist to your makeup routine. For those that love to feel witchy from time to time, this is the makeup collection for you.