You Have To See Obama's Speech About Jay Z

by Nicole Pomarico
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I think I speak for many of us with the following statement: I really, really, really miss Barack Obama, former president of the United States. If you feel that way too, you're in luck, because he recently filmed a video that will remind you what a beacon he is of all things pure and beautiful. On Thursday, Obama inducted Jay Z into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and I never realized it until now, but it's pretty obvious that these two successful men have a lot more in common than you might think.

Since this is such a milestone for Jay Z and for music in general, being that he's the first hip hop artist to join the Hall of Fame, you'd think one of his peers would be the one to make this speech. But considering the fact that Jay Z and Obama have a longstanding friendship — one that Joe Biden should definitely be worried about, if you ask me — it becomes obvious that Obama actually was the perfect choice.

And it's not just good for Jay Z. Nope, it's good for the rest of us as well, because the video Obama recorded for the occasion is just too cute for words.

Aside from addressing how important Jay Z's music has been to him, during his presidency and beyond, a big part of Obama's speech focuses on the ways the two of them are alike. They both had difficult upbringings that required them to work harder than most people had to in order to get where they are today, and they are both in love with their daughters.

And of course, Obama pointed out that they both have wives who are more popular than they are, which is so true. There's a good chance that if Beyoncé and Michelle Obama combined their powers, they could save the world... and their husbands would be mere sidekicks.

Jay Z also took to Twitter — a rare event — to thank his old friend for his kind words... even if the tweets that followed were a bit hard to read. I've never been more convinced that under all the Grammy awards and platinum hits, he's just a dad struggling to use social media.

Obama and Jay Z have both helped to shape the world we live in today, so it's hard to imagine a more perfect way to honor his accomplishments than this video. Songwriters Hall of Fame and potentially welcoming his twins into the world, all in the same month? This is obviously Jay Z's time to shine.