Obsessed Amazon Reviewers Swear By These 40 Gross Products Under $25

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Life isn't all roses and perfect, uneventful days. The truth is: you-know-what happens, which explains why obsessed reviewers swear by these gross products on Amazon under $25. For an affordable price, these reviewers have conquered the icky things that happen in life with the smart products that get the job done.

There are going to be times in life when you really need a stress relief ball (because who hasn't had a bad week at work): so why not get a squishy one that looks like it's throwing up? Sometimes — it's the little gross things that go a long way.

Innovative drain snakes and high-pressure air plungers are on this list to keep drains free of gunk and hair — plus, they eliminate the need to call in expensive plumbers. Tongue cleaners and sonic plaque-removing tools keep teeth sparkling in between dental appointments. Mitten-shaped wet wipes and a portable bidet get you your cleanest when you need it. And there's even a pitch black toothpaste that somehow manages to whiten teeth.

For every less-than-pleasant scenario life throws your way, there's a practical product on this list that will defy it with gusto — and at the right price point, too.

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