Obsessed Amazon Reviewers Swear By These 40 Gross Products Under $25

Life isn't all roses and perfect, uneventful days. The truth is: you-know-what happens, which explains why obsessed reviewers swear by these gross products on Amazon under $25. For an affordable price, these reviewers have conquered the icky things that happen in life with the smart products that get the job done.

There are going to be times in life when you really need a stress relief ball (because who hasn't had a bad week at work): so why not get a squishy one that looks like it's throwing up? Sometimes — it's the little gross things that go a long way.

Innovative drain snakes and high-pressure air plungers are on this list to keep drains free of gunk and hair — plus, they eliminate the need to call in expensive plumbers. Tongue cleaners and sonic plaque-removing tools keep teeth sparkling in between dental appointments. Mitten-shaped wet wipes and a portable bidet get you your cleanest when you need it. And there's even a pitch black toothpaste that somehow manages to whiten teeth.

For every less-than-pleasant scenario life throws your way, there's a practical product on this list that will defy it with gusto — and at the right price point, too.

1. The Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Gets Teeth So Bright

Watching in the mirror and seeing black toothpaste cover your teeth is going to feel all wrong — at first. But the minute you notice how bright and clean this activated charcoal toothpaste gets your smile, you’ll be an instant convert. This natural formula is free of fluoride, gluten, and GMO’s and it comes in four flavors: peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and wintergreen.

2. This Portable Bidet To Rinse Clean After You Use Any Bathroom

It may seem odd at first, but lots of people have been relying on them for years and they really work: the bidet provides a surefire way to get clean after you use the bathroom. If you happen to be using a public restroom or are traveling, this portable bidet is perfect for on-the-go rinsing in places where the sun don’t shine. It has an angled spray design, a mess-free nozzle, and it comes with its own drawstring travel bag.

3. These Tongue Cleaners That Gently Scrape Up Odor-Causing Bacteria

You may be brushing your teeth all right, but neglecting your tongue — which harbors bacteria and leftover food particles that can contribute to unwanted odors. Get the best dental hygiene of your life when you use these tongue scrapers after brushing. The flexible scrapers have pointed, gentle bristles that lift up germs and bacteria and leave you with fresher breath.

4. A Keyboard Cleaner That Gets Rid Of All The Crumbs

This keyboard cleaning gel has a lemon fresh sent and a sticky consistency to get all the crumbs, dirt, dust, and hair out of the crevices on your laptop, calculator, and more — ick. It's even reusable, and will turn dark when it's time to buy a new one.

5. The Flexible Snakes That Get All Of The Gunk Out Of Drains

Gunk accumulates in drains and pipes fast — and you’ll be amazed at how much hair and debris you dig right up with these flexible snake drain cleaners. The drain weasel has 360-degree rotation and is a lengthy 18 inches, which means it will dig right in and clear out drains before things go overboard and you have to spend money on a plumber. Each order includes five wand refills.

6. A Blackhead-Busting Face Mask Made With Charcoal

The key ingredient in this facial mask — activated charcoal — attracts and soaks up excess oils and sebum, which means it also does a number on those pesky blackheads. The peel-off mask is ideal for all skin types and is completely free of sensitizing dyes, parabens, mineral oil, and harsh chemicals.

7. This Two-Sided Pumice Stone For Seriously Smooth Feet

Scrub and buff feet so that they’re silky smooth with this two-sided pumice stone. On one side you’ll find an effective scrubber that loosens up dead skin cells and hardened calluses. And the backside features a buffer that smooths and polishes skin so that they feel their softest.

8. An Anti-Chafing Powder For Your Butt

It may not be a problem that you care to discuss with friends, but you aren’t the only one who experiences butt itch and irritation, often after sitting for hours at work or experiencing friction when you walk. The soothing blend of calamine powder and cornstarch in this anti-itch butt powder keeps skin soft, relieves irritation, and makes you feel dry and comfortable for hours.

9. These Mitten-Shaped Wet Wipes With The Most Memorable Name Ever

Once you get past the fact that these mitten-shaped wet wipes have the most amazing, you’ll-never-forget-it name ever, you can focus on their equally unique design and the fact that they can be used for so many purposes (includes what’s implied in its name). The pack contains 20 wet wipes that are disposable and can be used on babies and even pets.

10. This Heavy Duty-Cleaning Solution For Stained Underwear

Accidents happen, and that's totally okay — but when they happen in your underwear, there’s nothing to fear: this crotch underwear cleaner lifts up deeply embedded stains left over from blood, body fluids, crust, and whatever else you fear has ruined underwear for good. The formula is made with only natural enzymes and tea tree oil that cut through grime and stains. Apply it to soiled areas prior to doing laundry and your underwear will look brand new.

11. The Safe Ear Cleaning Kit To Remove Wax

If ear wax keeps you from hearing perfectly, but you’re terrified to put a Q-Tip anywhere near your ear (which is wise), this seven-piece ear cleaning kit is here to save the day. The kit includes tools that are made from medical grade stainless steel with scoop-shaped tips that pull wax out instead of pushing it farther in (something Q-Tips can do). The tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide cleaning and massage — and a convenient portable storage box is also included.

12. A Goo That Prevents Blisters And Calluses

Before you embark on that long walk or hike — or before you attend an event wearing heels that you just know are going to do some damage on the dance floor — apply this blister prevention cream to feet (it can also be applied to other areas of your body). The cream, made with ingredients like lanolin alcohol, acts as a barrier between your foot and shoes, preventing friction that causes painful blisters and calluses.

13. An Absorbent Hat Liner That Keeps Sweat Off Of Your Forehead

Stick this self-adhesive hat liner on the insides of caps and it will absorb sweat and moisture so that your forehead stays cool and dry. The liner is lightweight, soft, and helps prevent sweat from dripping down into your eyes, which is always the worst. It comes in a convenient 12-pack so that there’s always a clean, dry liner to attach to your cap.

14. A Nasty-Tasting Nail Polish That Kicks Your Nail Biting Habit To The Curb

If you’ve tried everything to stop biting your nails, but nothing seems to work, give this nasty-tasting nail biting polish a chance to turn you completely off to this bad habit. The clear enamel is safe for children over age over four and adults. Apply a layer of it the way you would nail polish and repeat the application every two days. Reviewers say you’ll be amazed at how fast it works.

15. The Gross Emoji Egg That Spits Up Slime But Relieves Stress

They’re kind of weird and kind of gross, but these vomiting emoji eggs are excellent stress relievers and give you a laugh when you need one. The soft, squishy eggs “spit up” yellow slime puke when you squeeze them. Not only are they great for calming you down on a high-anxiety day, but they even double as finger strengtheners.

16. A Spider Catcher That Doesn't Hurt The Bugs

This eco-friendly way to catch all the creepy critters in your life — anything from spiders to millipedes — lies in this spider catcher. Press the handle and it'll safely and gently swoop up the bug so you can take it outside — no harm no foul.

17. A Natural Neti Pot System That Clears Your Sinuses

Sinuses driving you up a wall? Medicine may not cut it — or maybe you’re searching for a more natural solution. This neti pot system includes everything you need to flush out excess mucus from your sinus passages and remove pollen, dust, and other allergens that are causing you discomfort.

18. This Brush Cleaner That Digs Out Knots And Clumps Of Hair

If you’re still removing clumps of tangled hair from your hair brush with your fingers — and cringing the entire time — there’s a much, much better way to go about the gross task. Use this brush cleaning comb, which features a five-pik design and strong bristles that unknot those tangles and pull strands away from brushes in seconds. The tool comes in three colors and works equally as well on combs that need a cleaning.

19. The Plant-Based Spray That Turns Toilet Paper Into Flushable Wipes

Get super clean and fresh after using the bathroom, without worrying about how and where to dispose wipes, with this natural toilet paper spray — which you literally spray on TP to turn it into a flushable wet wipe. The plant-based formula is made from a blend of coconut oil, apricot oil, aloe, and witch hazel. It’s safe for the environment, safe on your skin, and safe in your toilet bowl.

20. An Organic Foot Pad That Relieves Joint Pain And Helps You Sleep Better

There’s just no way you can get the best night’s sleep when you are dealing with joint pain. These organic food pads relieve joint pain and muscle tension and boost blood circulation — and the result of all of these benefits is a restful sleep. Apply the adhesive pads and keep them on between six to eight hours before removing them in the morning. One reviewer wrote: “I really like these pads. I have no idea WHAT they actually do... but every time I use them, I wake up in the morning, and the pads are saturated and black. Detoxing? maybe... mentally satisfying... absolutely."

21. This Personal Water Filter For Clean Drinking Water Anywhere You Go

Whether you’re out camping, fishing, or just want to be sure you always have clean, pure water (even in an emergency), this personal water filter does the trick. It filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water and removes 99.9% of bacteria. You’ll feel better about the water you’re drinking and it boasts a compact design that makes it simple to pack.

22. This Painless Trimmer You Stick Right Up Your Nose

Hair is going to grow in places you can’t always control — but you can remove unwanted hair with this nose hair trimmer, which features two interchangeable attachments: a nose hair trimmer and a sideburn shaver. The portable trimmer has a built-in LED light that lets you see each hair up close and it painlessly rotates and trims hair without nicking your skin. The rechargeable trimmer can be powered up using a USB cable.

23. The Weather-Resistant Boot Scraper That Gets Shoes Clean Before You Go Inside

You may be rubbing your shoes against a mat before you enter your home and hoping for the best, but the truth is: that mat probably isn’t removing much gunk from the soles of shoes. This boot scraper is completely different: it’s made from uniquely coarse fiber derived from coconut shells that scrapes off the nasty stuff you don’t want to track inside. It’s also weather-resistant, so you can keep it outside on your porch.

24. A Scratch-Free Toilet Mop For A Sparkling Bowl

This toilet bowl mop is non-abrasive but seriously effective at wiping up every last bit of grossness from inside of toilet bowls. It reaches way under the rim, lifts up stains, and does it all with a long handle that keeps your hands far away from bacteria and dirty surfaces.

25. An Extremely Affordable Leave-In Conditioner Made With Animal Placenta

Let’s cut to the chase: yes, this leave-in conditioner is made with animal placental protein that helps strengthen your roots and strands. Once you get past that fact (assuming it makes you feel things), reviewers say it’s excellent at conditioning and nourishing overprocessed, dry, and damaged hair. Its rinse-free formula is convenient to use and you can’t beat the affordable price.

26. This Cuticle-Tackling Duo For Better DIY Manicures

Cuticles are a pain to deal with at home — but your DIY manicures just got a lot easier. This cuticle trimmer and pusher set is made from quality polished stainless steel, with non-slip rubber grips that prevent mishaps. They help you painlessly remove or push back cuticles (whichever method you prefer), making your at-home manis more professional looking.

27. These Gel Toe Caps That Relieve Blister Pain

If your poor feet are suffering from blister pain or other discomfort as a result of calluses, these medical-grade gel toe caps can help by preventing friction when you walk so that the area heals faster and you can carry on with life. The caps come 20 in a pack and can be easily trimmed with a scissor to fit your toes.

28. The Natural Soap That Comes In A Portable Tin

Get clean no matter where you are (camping included) with this natural artisan soap that is made with plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils. The soap comes in a handy tin case that makes it simple to carry around and its blend of amazing oils like olive, coconut, palm, and castor oil make it a nourishing option for softer (and cleaner) skin. You won’t find dyes, synthetic fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives in this soap.

29. An Acne-Removal Kit That Focuses On Pesky Blackheads

There’s a fine line between trying to get rid of blackheads yourself and leaving yourself open to scarring, spreading bacteria, and making matters worse. This blackhead removal kit helps you keep your fingers off of your face, thanks to five quality extractor tools that can be sterilized and used to extract blackheads, whiteheads, and ordinary run-of-the-mill zits.

30. The Drip-Free Nasal Gel Spray For Instant Sinus Relief

Remove the worst aspect of using a nasal spray — that dreaded moment when the liquid drips back out of your nose — and you’re left with this gel formula no-drip nasal spray that clears congestion and reduces allergens in your passageways, providing instant relief. The bottle is designed so that it only delivers a consistent metered dose of spray.

31. A Hands-Free Pooper Scooper That Attaches To Leashes

You’d do anything for your pooch, but that doesn’t mean you have to love picking up after them. This hands-free pooper scooper attaches to leashes and has a large handle and an integrated waste bag — so you never have to get too close to poop. It comes in two sizes to suit small and large dog breeds and the option of two colors: kiwi or mist.

32. A Powerful Plunger That Blasts Clogs Out Of Drains

Whether your toilet is clogged or your shower drain keeps backing up, the only thing you want to do — fast — is solve the problem and get on with life, preferably without having to call in an expensive plumber. This powerful plunger uses to high-pressure air power to blast through any drain, whether it’s located in your kitchen or bathroom, and remove hair, objects, and debris in minutes.

33. An All-Natural Deodorant That Kills Bad Odors Before They Start

Natural deodorants are a wonderful concept, but some just don’t cut it in term of keeping you free of unwanted odors for hours. This crystal stone natural deodorant bar neutralizes odors and keeps you smelling fresh for much longer than even traditional deodorants, according to hundreds of reviewers.

34. The Mold And Mildew Cleaner That Gets In Between Tile

With a convenient nozzle applicator and a gel formula that doesn’t drip, this mold and mildew cleaner will get your bathroom and kitchen tiles sparkling and looking brand new again. Apply the gel, leave it on for seven to eight hours, and rinse it clean with water — that’s all you need to do — absolutely no scrubbing is involved.

35. A Nourishing Hair Mask That's Made With Egg Yolks But Smells So Sweet

Mayo is just the ingredient that gives hair shine and volume — but few people get excited about dipping their hair in a sticky sandwich condiment. This Korean beauty hair mask is filled with amazing ingredients like egg yolk and shea butter, but it also smells like sweet vanilla and macadamia nuts. Nourishing, natural, and strengthening to your hair, without any unpleasant smells — what more could you want from a mask?

36. These Fungus-Preventing Nail Repair Pens For Strong Nails

This two-pack of nail repair pens have brush applicators that make it a cinch to apply its nail and cuticle-strengthening formula anywhere you roam. The formula prevents and treats nail fungus, while moisturizing cuticles and nails and keeping them in tip-top shape.

37. The Plaque-Removing Sonic Tool For Cleaner Teeth

If stains continue to be a problem on your teeth, brushing and flossing alone may not be cutting it. This sonic plaque remover tool reaches in between teeth and along the gum line to lift up stains and tartar. One reviewer wrote: "I have a few places that tend to get a build up of plaque no matter what I do, and this has been fabulous for removing it.”

38. A Stain Remover That Works On Wine, Blood, And Pet Urine

This stain remover works on it all — wine, blood, and pet urine, for instance — and it has a fresh citrus scent, too. It's made without bleach, and it can work on old and new stains with amazing effectiveness.

39. A Cuticle Cream Made For Horses — But Works On Humans

This hoof treatment works on cuticles and nails to strengthen them — but it was originally made for horse hoofs. Weird but genius, as they say. One reviewer wrote: "After about a week or two of using this on my nails and cuticles the difference is pronounced. My nails have become very strong and healthy. My cuticles look beautiful, no hang nails or dryness. I am thoroughly impressed with this product and the ease and convenience of use." It's made with beeswax, lanolin, lavender, and aloe vera — and it's especially great for people who have weak nails from gels or acrylics.

40. This Odor-Controlling Spray For Feet And Shoes Made With Essential Oils

Harnessing the natural powers of essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and thyme, this natural shoe deodorizer can be sprayed directly in sneakers and on feet to eliminate unwanted odors and keep you smelling and feeling fresh and clean all day. The powerful spray is safe on skin and works equally as well in gym bags, lockers, and in heels, boots, and other footwear. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.