This Foam-To-Powder Matcha Cleanser Looks Weird AF But It's Actually A Total Game-Changer

Sara Tan

Cleaning your face can sometimes feel like a chore, especially when it's something you are likely doing twice a day, once when you're barely awake and again when you're ready to just face-plant into bed. Odacite's Green Tea Ceremony Cleanser wants to change that, and I can honestly say it did for me.

As a beauty editor, nothing brings me more happiness than skin care products, but even I get tired of washing my face from time to time. I'm pretty religious when it comes to my routine, but there are days when I want to fast forward through my multi-step regimen and get on with my morning or evening. I am all about beauty as self-care, but sometimes, a girl can just feel lazy.

But you know how people suggest finding an exercise you enjoy so that it doesn't feel like you're working out? Or a job you love, so it doesn't feel like you're just logging in hours? That's how I felt when I found Odacite's Green Tea Ceremony Cleanser. It doesn't really feel like you're just cleaning your face — this cleanser feels more like a luxurious ritual that you're treating yourself to in your very own bathroom. And that's precisely what Odacite founder Valerie Grandury wanted when she created it — to "transform a chore into pleasure."

Odacite Green Tea Ceremony Cleanser, $55,

Skin care has always been important to Grandury. She grew up in France where women viewed skin care as a luxury, or as she puts it, "a few lovely minutes morning and night, to create a parentheses from busy life and create glow."

Grandury's inspiration for the Green Tea Ceremony Cleanser came to her when she was on a trip to Kyoto in Japan. "I discovered the art of the tea ceremony and its four founding principles: respect, purity, harmony, and tranquility," she shares with me. "It resonated so profoundly, as these are also the founding principles for all our formulations."

It was then that she had a lightbulb moment: She decided she wanted to incorporate Japan's beloved ingredient, matcha (the ground powder version of green tea leaves), into a powder cleanser.

You've likely heard of all the skin care benefits green tea has by now, but you might not know that they are even more powerful when applied topically. What's more, the matcha used in Odacite's cleanser is premium grade, meaning it reportedly has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. When used on your face, the matcha works as both a detoxifier for acne and damaged skin and an antioxidant source, leaving your face feeling squeaky clean and looking super glowy.

But how does the powder-to-foam formula work exactly?

"When you formulate truly natural products, the challenge is to create a formula that is very effective without the need of preservative. Dry ingredients are amazing because it ensures that all nutrients as unadulterated and potent as possible without the need of any preservative. The luxurious foam happens once the water is added, and all ingredients blend with each other into a magical transformation," Grandury shares with me.

To use the cleanser, you first scoop the powder into the palm of your hand and add a little bit of water to activate the ingredients. The powder will turn into a silky foam, which you then will apply to your face.

This isn't meant to be a mask (though Grandury tells me that one could be in the works in the future) so you shouldn't let it sit on your face for longer than a minute.

After massaging the foam generously all over your face, you will then remove the product with either a warm wet muslin cloth (which is included with your cleanser) or with warm water.

The result? A smooth and glowy (AF) appearance. Plus, your face will smell like a delicious matcha latte.

While it is a gentle cleanser and can be used on sensitive skin, Odacite suggests using this product only three to four times a week. Since it can act as an exfoliator, it could potentially irritate your skin if overused. That said, I've become completely obsessed with it and haven't been able to stop using every day for the last month. Luckily for me, I haven't experienced any irritation from it — just clear, radiant skin; an addiction to matcha; and a newfound appreciation for cleaning my face.

My makeup-free selfie after using Odacite's Green Tea Ceremony Cleanser for one month.