Olay Is Celebrating Women Who Are Thriving In Male-Dominated Jobs And We're So Here For It


Though I loved writing in high school and pursued journalism in college, I had mixed feelings about the field. I felt like all the major news anchors and journalists at the time were men two or three times my age. I didn’t feel like I could relate to them at all — and I certainly couldn’t imagine myself in their position! It wasn’t until I took a magazine writing course with a female professor I admired that I was able to really see myself in the industry.

As kids, we’re told that we can be anything we want to be when we grow up. But it’s hard to imagine ourselves in certain positions if there are no role models or mentors that feel relatable or approachable, whether we know them IRL or as characters on TV. That’s why predominantly male- and female-dominated careers create such a big barrier to entry for those of the opposite gender. Take aviation, for example: Just six percent of pilots are women, meaning there’s a lack of visibility of females in the industry, preventing young girls and women from even considering aviation as a career in the first place. And for those brave enough to take on the challenge anyway, there's additional arbitrary roadblocks, like gender biases, that exist.

Much needs to happen to reverse these gender stereotypes, and we've partnered with Olay, who is taking the first step. They're shining a spotlight on women who are breaking down barriers, powering through adversity, and succeeding in historically male-dominated fields. In their video below, watch as a female pilot proves women can pursue their dream career no matter what it may be — and that there’s nothing more inspiring than a woman on a mission.

Olay North America on YouTube

This post is sponsored by Olay.