Old Navy Is Adding Plus Size To Its Stores, So You Can Get Up To Size 30 IRL

Courtesy Old Navy

When it comes to fashion, the phrase ask and you shall receive is normally the case. But sometimes it takes a while. According to Glamour, Old Navy is bringing back in-store plus sizing — again. The store is making sure than even more women can enjoy shopping in the shops, and here's everything that you need to know about the change.

Old Navy hasn't had the easiest time perfecting its plus size line, but it hasn't given up. Originally, there was some issues with the plus size pricing. Then came the era of the online-only plus shopping. Now, the brand is opening up sizing to include up to size 30, so that even more women can have the in-store shopping experience that they deserve.

"When we were in stores, we didn’t necessarily execute it well and our customer wasn’t responding to our collection the way we had hoped, so we made the decision to pull back,” Loretta Choy, senior vice president and general manager of the adult division at Old Navy, said in a Glamour interview.

“The most important thing when you’re building out a plus line and bringing it in stores is addressing all the pain points; we saw an opportunity to improve the plus collection and build a loyal customer in the online space before returning to the physical retail environment.”

Courtesy Old Navy

It's been 11 years since the brand offered the plus size range in-stores. According to Glamour, that's because the brand has been "sifting through customer reviews, taking their feedback, and fine-tuning the makeup of the garments to remedy problem areas."

Not all stores will be seeing a change, but 75 stores across the country will. The clothing brand currently offers sizes 00 to 20 in all stores, but will expand the plus size section to include sizes 16 to 30 in the select cities. Choy says that the overlap is so that there are options for women who identify as plus and those who don't.

“We want to make sure we’re giving our customers the option of putting on a size 16 in the main line or putting a size 16 in plus—which may look the same aesthetically but is constructed differently for a better fit—and understanding what’s best for her,” Choy told Glamour.

Courtesy Old Navy

As mentioned above, Old Navy hasn't had the greatest relationship with its plus sized customers over the years. From fit and price hikes to pulling the sizes from shelves, the brand has been very active in finding the right plus sized formula. Hopefully, the third time will be the charm.

“We’re really pacing ourselves because we want to do it right this time,” Choy says. “We always knew we wanted to get plus-size back into the stores—the product had to be right first. We don’t want to let our customers down.

Up until now, plus sized women have had to shop online for their sizes. There has also been some confusion about returning the clothing in-stores. With all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see how Old Navy handles the new in-store option.

The more options for women, the better. Old Navy taking the time to figure out what shoppers want is better late than never.