Old Navy's Winter 2019 50% Off Sale Includes $15 Jeans & $20 Dresses

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Winter 2019 still has more than a month to go before it starts to give way to spring fever. However, there's no better time than RIGHT NOW to give your closet a late-season refresh. Old Navy's Winter 2019 sale is massive (sizes 0 through 4X available, with petite and tall options) with some apparel marked down by 50 percent.

This sale will allow you to grab some seasonal pieces — and beyond. There are jeans, tops and dresses for as low as $15 and tees for only $6. Yes, you read that right. Jeans, which can be worn 24/7/365, are less than $20. Tees, which are a crucial component of both the look and warmth of the layering trend, are less than $10.

Ultimately, you can replenish your winter wardrobe and stock up for spring in a single trip to your local Old Navy outpost.

That's the beauty of this mega sale. Many of the discounted items can be worn across several seasons. You can store them for next fall or winter, since they are that classic. Or you can layer them with other winter pieces and get some use out of 'em now. Or you can hold on to them until the weather breaks and temps start to rise, since that's imminent.

You won't wipe out your wallet while taking advantage of this killer sale.

There are incredible deals on kids' apparel, too. Jeans are $10, tops are $12, dresses are $10, and tees are $5. It's affordable fashion for the whole fam.

Courtesy of Old Navy

There are all the details in red, white, and blue. This sale will make your wardrobe and your bank account happy. If you shop online, you will get free shipping off orders over $50. Hooray for Old Navy.

Courtesy of Old Navy

You need to pay close attention when shopping online. Some deals are short-term and some sizes are sold out. But one thing is for sure. DO. NOT. DELAY.

Below are 7 key pieces to absolutely need to nab during the sale.

1. Mid-Rise Gray-Wash Super Skinny Jeans

Mid-Rise Gray-Wash Super Skinny Jeans



Old Navy

Gray skinnies are a tad dressier than regular ol' blue denim. These can be dressed up or down. That $15 price tag makes them such a steal. This pair comes in sizes 0 through 18.

2. Mid-Rise Plus-Size Super Skinny Ankle Jeans

Mid-Rise Plus-Size Super Skinny Ankle Jeans



Old Navy

Darker wash denim always looks extra stylish. This plus pair runs from sizes 18 through 30, too.

3. Mid-Rise Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

Mid-Rise Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans



Old Navy

Grab this pair on deal for less than $16 and save them for those bitter cold days when you need your function to equal your fashion.

4. Waist-Defined Shirt Dress

Waist-Defined Shirt Dress



Old Navy

This floral LBD is exactly what your closet needs. Rock it to work, to class, on date night — whenever. You can add leggings, boots, and a cardigan for cold days. Go bare-legged and rock sandals in warmer climates or on hot days. At under $20, you may as well grab two. There are other prints available.

5. EveryWear Striped Tee

EveryWear Striped Tee



Old Navy

A striped, nautical tee will totally get you in the mood for spring and summer. The $6 price is pretty uplifting, too.

6. EveryWear Plus-Size Crew-Neck Tee

EveryWear Plus-Size Crew-Neck Tee



Old Navy

A basic black tee is a wardrobe staple. This $6 plus size version comes in sizes 1X to 4X. It can be worn a la carte or layered. You hafta love versatile pieces that are less than $10.

7. Breathe ON Fly-Away Scoop-Neck Top

Breathe ON Fly-Away Scoop-Neck Top



Old Navy

This top is stylish. It's breathable. It's got a scoop neck. It knots at the hem. It's a total bargain at $15 and goes up to size XXL.

These items should get you started on your shopping 'n' saving excursion at Old Navy. There are plenty more pieces, silhouettes, and sizes to sift through online. If you love a good sale on solid basics, Old Navy's Winter 2019 Sale is all you.