More Proof That Olenna Is 'GoT's HBIC


I always wanted to see Highgarden on Game of Thrones, and I can't decide whether I think this is a fitting introduction or a sad one. It's bittersweet, to say the least because its introduction also lead to Olenna Tyrell's death on Game of Thrones. Jaime poisoned her after his Lannister troops captured her home, but she remained the HBIC until her very last breath.

One Lannister brother managed to outsmart the other, in a way. Daenerys' troops easily overtook Casterly Rock, but that didn't matter. They didn't care about their home, and took the Tyrell home instead. Knowing that she was about to die, Olenna met Jaime as if for tea. It was civil, and slow. After a brief tête-à-tête, Jaime presented her with a glass of poisoned wine to drink. He had talked his sister out of a public execution. The noblewoman was able to die painlessly, and somewhat in her own time.

I know he's defending a tyrant and he tried to kill a fifth grader in the first episode, but Jaime Lannister is one of my all-time favorite characters on Game of Thrones. He's generally a good man, and those are hard to come by in Westeros. I also think that he might give in to his senses and turn against Cersei before the end of the season. I really do.

Olenna may be dead now, but she still got the last word. Margaery and Loras' grandmother confessed to killing Joffrey before she died, and the look on Jaime's face was too much. His kindness had run out, and he left Olenna to die alone. At least she got the last word in. Do you think they'll figure out that Littlefinger conspired with her? What's drunk old Ser Dontos doing these days? This murder mystery is something of a cold case at this point, if not considered solved.

So that's the end of House Tyrell, unless there are some cousins hanging around, growing strong. I'll miss the Dowager Countess of Westeros quite a bit. She was good for both a snappy comeback and heartfelt advice. Let's hope that the remaining Game of Throne characters, especially the women, learned from her.