This Hawaii-Inspired Shoe Collection Is Hand-Dyed Using Plants Grown On The Island

Shopping eco-consciously is becoming easier and easier thanks to the influx of brands who are making sustainability their company motto. OluKai is one such brand, and OluKai's LIKO Collection (offered in sizes 5 to 11) is going to make you feel like you're on an island all summer long this season.

OluKai is a premium lifestyle brand that makes comfortable and versatile shoes and sandals that are up for any adventure. Not only does its shoes go seamlessly from the beach to work, but OluKai is one of 2,000 brands worldwide that is B Corp Certified. This means that OluKai meets the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and accountability. Seeing how fashion is the second biggest industry polluter in the world (right behind oil) this is a pretty big deal for conscious shoppers.

The LIKO Collection takes this responsibility towards being sustainable one step further. OluKai partnered with two women to make this capsule line happen. One of them was Maibe Maroccolo of Brazil, a designer who uses natural dyes from native plants in the products she makes. The other is Hawaii-native Meleana Estes, a renowned, third-generation lei maker. These two women brought their crafts together to create the limited-edition LIKO Collection.

They used their talents to select plants growing in Hawaii and made an artisanal natural dye process to create the collection's shoes. This process results in one-of-a-kind color variations that are made by hand for each shoe.

Estes was the one who identified which plants on the island that would make interesting colors for the collection, and Maroccolo brought her knowledge of natural hand dying to the table.

“I love collaborations and was honored to work with Maibe on this incredible project” Estes said in a press release. “Her brilliant craft of using flowers, leaves and bark to create fabric dyed from my favorite lei materials reminds me that our lives can be colored in so many different ways by nature.”

The collection has three different shoe styles, two for women and one for men. The two shoes for women are the Liko Pehuea (a slip on) and Liko ‘Olu (a sandal.) Both shoes are available in two different colors: Yellow Hibiscus and Grey Acacia.

The Yellow Hibiscus hue is made by using hand-picked Hawaiian yellow hibiscus flowers, yellow daisies, and calendula. The color will gently fade over time with exposure to the sun, giving it an earthy, lived-in look.

The Grey Acacia hue was created by combining handpicked eucalyptus, passion fruit leaves, and koa sawdust soaked in a eucalyptus dye bath. Together, the dye created a dusty grey. Over time, the color will soften and reveal unique wear patterns, adding character to your shoes.

"The LIKO Collection was created to celebrate the beautiful bounty of Mother Earth. OluKai is committed to leaving the smallest footprint possible on the planet," the press release reads.

OluKai is all about Hawaiian inspired footwear, and the brand makes sure to give back to the island that inspires it. Every time you purchase a pair of OluKai shoes, part of the proceeds go to support nine nonprofits in Hawaii.

If you're looking for new summer shoes this season but want to make sure you shop from a brand that does its part to respect the planet, you can't do better than with OluKai.