Oprah's 2017 Favorite Things List Includes What She's Getting Beyonce For The Holidays


Now that Halloween is officially over, you might have noticed the subtle creeping in of fairy lights and velvet bows. It's holiday season, y'all! With that comes an ushering in of peppermint mochas and a slight panic of what to get people on your holiday list. But don't worry, Oprah's Favorite Things for 2017 is here and the queen has your back. You won't have to hem and haw over what to get your family or how to appease that one impossible person on your list. Oprah's got you covered

"Whether it's for the holidays, birthdays, or special occasions, this is the gift guide for the people you care about in your life," Oprah shared as an intro to the guide.

The list has everything from the fabulous to the wacky, and there's something perfect for everyone. For example, she's getting hot sauce for Beyoncé that's shaped like sticks of dynamite. Fire.

Even more exciting, this is the 20-year anniversary of Favorite Things, making it an extra special year for all involved. The list can be found on Amazon, and includes videos of Oprah explaining certain items and sharing why she thinks you would love them. While there are some traditional gifts that have made the cut — like stylish gloves and electronic gadgets — there are some pretty zany and out-of-the-box picks, too. Let's explore those quirky gifts below.

Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution

Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution, $300, Amazon

For that one person on your list, this is a not-too-subtle hint that their snoring has got to stop. It's either this thoughtful gift or a pillow over the face. Invented by a snorer, this device reduces your snoring without ever touching any part of the body. It comes with two things: A pebble and a pillow insert. The pebble is a listening device that keeps an ear out for your snores, and once you start rumbling, a blow-up insert that you placed under your pillow slowly inflates and deflates to move your head so you stop the noises. Genius.

Patchwork Memory Bear

Patchwork Bear Patchwork Memory Bear, $120, Amazon

If you want to create a keepsake for someone, this is an adorable way to do it. You take a bundle of clothes and mail them to the company. Then, you get a teddy bear back made out of those items. It's perfect for kids' clothes, uniform or team jerseys, concert T-shirts, or items from people who have passed away.

Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Coldbrew Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $50, Amazon

Are you addicted to ice coffee but hate how watery it gets about five minutes after leaving the house? Well, this gadget solves all of your problems. If you can believe it, the contraption is specially designed to give you fresh cold brew on the go! And don't worry, its airtight and leak proof lid keeps your coffee securely where it belongs. The double-walled copper construction ensures fresh, cold coffee for hours. Perfect for any coffee lover on your list.

Frozen Dessert Maker

Gourmia GSI180 Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker, $50, Amazon

OK, this one is amazing. It's basically a froyo gadget in your kitchen, that transforms fruits into tasty desserts. All you have to do is pop any kind of fruit in the top, and it comes out creamy straight into a bowl. Magic!

Glass Herb Preserver

Glass Herb Preserver, $30, Amazon

Do you know someone who is sick and tired of having to throw out bundles of basil because they went rotten in their fridge too fast? Solve all of their life's problems with this nifty herb preserver. It's small enough to fit inside a kitchen door, and it keeps herbs fresh up to two weeks!

Letters to Me, When I Grow Up

Letters to Me, When I Grow Up, $15, Amazon

That's right, you're going to assign homework to someone on your list. Meant for kiddos — but you can definitely gift it to your friends — it's a time capsule of 12 letter prompts. Each letter invites the writer to share stories, draw pictures, or write bullet point lists on what their life is like now and how they think it will be in the future. Then, you store it away in the attic or crawlspace for 15 years, and re-open it when you're grown. A sweet idea, if not instantly gratifying.

Novelty Cottage Bird House

Novelty Cottage Bird House, $48, Amazon

For the avid bird watcher in the family, upgrade their pigeons' living quarters with this adorable cottage bird house. Their feathered friends will now live in style in a guest house complete with wrap-around porches and balconies. These birds just won't find real estate like this anywhere else.

Tuna Poke Meal Kit

Tuna Poke Meal Kit, $60, Amazon

If someone would gift me this, I would kiss them straight on the mouth. Meant to serve two people, this meal gets sent straight to your door, is all organic, is sustainably caught, and is freaking poke. Best holiday gift, ever.

While the holidays are still months away, it's never too early to start thinking of what to get. And Oprah's Favorite Things are an amazing place to start!