These Glitter Shadows Come In 20 Different Colors & They're Shimmery AF

When it comes to the makeup drawer, a person can never have too much glitter. It comes in all sorts of forms and levels of wattage: from blinding highlighters that could be seen from the next county over, to sparkle-packed liquid lipsticks that give you a diamond sheen, to glitter-bombed eyeshadow pans, to illuminating face moisturizers, there's a huge market for the shimmer-obsessed. Which is why OPV Beauty's Metal & Liquid Glitters are getting so much hype in the beauty universe right now — they look like glitter glue sticks, but for your face! Coming in 20 different colors, you have a bevvy of different shades to choose from and can come up with a series of unexpected and creative looks.

In case you have never heard of the brand before, OPV Beauty is a London-based, cruelty-free label that is meant to bring Hollywood-grade quality makeup to beauty lovers at highstreet prices. They aim to make glamour accessible to all, and they specialize in richly pigmented lipsticks, creative eyeshadow palettes, and pressed glitter pans.

The Metal & Liquid Glitters are their newest product launch, and the brand is careful not to label them as a product for just one specific part of your face. While many people are calling the range "glitter liners" thanks the skinny tip brush applicator they come with, they're meant to be used anywhere on your face, eyes, and body.

The glitters are water-based and contain super-fine glitter in a clear base that dries down quickly and is smudge-free. Clocking in at $14 a tube, it comes in a mid-range price point for 8 ml of product. The shades move across the color spectrum, coming in hues like copper, aqua, lilac, bright green, gold, and pink, among many, many others.

Thanks to the bristle brush applicator, you can use it as eyeliner to add a pop of colorful shimmer to a daytime look, or accentuate a colorful night time smokey eye. You can also use the glitters as eyeshadow, or tap some on your lips to add shimmer to a bold lipstick color.

As the brand posted swatches and campaign shots of the glitter tubes onto their Instagram account, followers began to rejoice, writing things like, "I’m thinking of all the makeup look that I can do with them," and "Want them all."

However, there was one comment in particular that made you stop and appreciate the confidence-boosting and joy-giving aspect that makeup has, and especially glitter. The follower shared, "These are literally what dreams are made of! Glitter is my everything it makes me feel less conscious of my feeding tube! Need to try these someday :)"

While there are many, many different shades to choose from, below are some options to give you an idea what to expect.

Metal&Liquid Glitter in Mystic

Metal&Liquid Glitter in GiveMeGlow

Metal&Liquid Glitter in Tease Me

Metal&Liquid Glitter in GlisteningRay

As you can see, these are mouthwatering glittery hues. Shop the whole range at OPV Beauty, and get ready to rock that shimmer all year long.