'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Will Only Span 3 Days, Danielle Brooks Reveals At The 2017 SAG Awards


The cast of the addictive Netflix series Orange Is The New Black is nominated for their third ensemble Screen Actors Guild Award this year. One of the first members of that lauded cast to hit the red carpet at the Jan. 29 event was Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee and is fresh off a stint on Broadway in The Color Purple. I'm used to red carpet interviewers getting shut down every time they ask for a hint about a returning show, but that wasn't the case when E!'s Brad Goreski asked Brooks for some Orange Is The New Black Season 5 spoilers. According to the actor, Season 5 will take place over just three days. And considering how dramatic those seasons usually are, that's going to be an eventful three days.

Orange Is The New Black fanatics probably don't need to be reminded of this, but the shortened timeline structure is new for the show. After four groundbreaking seasons, the ensemble dramedy is trying out something new. Brooks explained to Goreski:

So what makes these three days so special? Is Season 5 centered around a specific event? Will it pick up immediately after the tragic events of the Season 4 finale or will there be another time jump? The comments that Brooks made can definitely be classified as spoilers, but they really ask more questions than they answer.

As she indicated to Goreski, Netflix has not announced a premiere date for Orange Is The Black Season 5 yet, so there are months of speculation ahead. The show has one dedicated fandom, so they're probably hard at work already forming theories about this pivotal three-day span.