Oreo Made A Box Specifically For Lefties — Here's Where To Get One

Left handers, unite. Since we only make up 10 percent of the world's population, the deck is kind of stacked against us sometimes. Right-handed scissors and kitchen appliances, those right-handed desks where everyone else's arm rests comfortably as they write but ours hangs off the side, and of course, the dreaded ink smudges. Sure, being a lefty can be frustrating at times (especially during the Middle Ages when lefties were suspected of practicing witchcraft), but it's pretty cool to be a little different. Oreo is making sure we know that: in honor of International Left Hander's Day, it's releasing the first-ever Left-Handed pack of OREO cookies.

Starting August 13 (International Left Hander's Day, yay), fans will be able to sign up to be among the first to receive one of these limited-edition Oreo packs — specifically designed for lefties. How does this make lefty life easier, you ask? The flap on the Oreo pack opens on the right side of the pack — versus the usual left side opening — to make it quick and easy for lefties to pull it up and dig in.

You can sign up for a chance to get your hands on these Oreos (or remind your lefty friends to) by heading over to this site, and excitedly await the arrival of your treats. Inside you'll find rows and rows of the classic Oreo cookies, just perfectly tailored to suit your left-handedness. Among other lefties you may recognize that might've enjoyed these exclusive Oreos? Leonardo Da Vinci, Jimi Hendrix, Joan of Arc, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, and Aristotle. Just imagine Aristotle eating an Oreo. You're welcome for that visual.

Oreos are the bestselling cookies in the world (unsurprisingly, because who doesn't love them) and have been bringing us chocolatey-creme flavored joy for over 100 years. As arguably the most popular snack cookie brand of the 21st century, it's not a shock that Oreos make over $2 billion in global annual revenues. So basically, the world spends a lot on Oreos — why not treat ourselves? Since so many people enjoy them, Kraft decided to do a study in 2004 to find out what the way we eat Oreos say about our personalities. covered the study and reported that dunkers (87 percent of whom prefer milk to dunk with) tend to be "energetic, adventurous, and extremely social." They found that those who like to twist open their Oreos are more "emotional, artistic, and trendy." Biters, who like to go about eating their Oreos the classic way, were found to be "easy-going, self confident, and optimistic." Who knew?

Lefties can enjoy the perks of being a part of the 10 percent of the population who aren't right-handed with the limited edition Left Handed Oreos, and also chew on Kraft's Oreo personality findings when they dig in if they're lucky enough to receive a pack. Remember to sign up for a chance to get your hands on some here, and let all your lefty friends and family know, too — there's never a wrong time to feast on some Oreos.