Organizations To Support On Earth Day 2017 (As Well As Every Day After)

Earth Day is a day of awareness, and meant to remind people to love the Earth and treat it with respect. Bringing awareness to different causes that support the Earth is a great way to commemorate Earth Day — it's also important to support these causes, not just on Earth Day, but all year round. This year, take the extra step by signing up for one of these organizations to support on Earth Day.

Even if you're actively bringing climate issues to light on social media, or marching in the March for Science in Washington D.C., often times it takes an extra step to truly make a difference. In this case, that step can be donating a one-time or monthly contribution to one of the organizations listed below. These organizations all differ with the charitable causes, supplying options so you can choose what closest to your heart: preserving the oceans and parks, saving animals, even providing healthy hygienic products to women. One is even helping environmental lawyers win court cases supporting environmental causes! Each of these organizations has an option to give a one-time contribution, or to sign up an amount to give on a monthly basis.

So if you're in the mood to start making a difference and advocating for a cause all year round, here are a few organizations to consider donating to throughout 2017.

Friends Of The Earth

If you’re looking for strong voices in the halls of Congress and Capitol Hill, then these are certainly the people you should be donating all of your money to. Friends of the Earth works tirelessly to be a voice for the environment within the national government.

Women’s Voices For The Earth

The mission of Women’s Voices for the Earth is to, “eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities.” You can give a one-time contribution or sign up for a monthly donation!

The Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Environmental Working Group hope to empower their followers to live happier and healthier lives through tips on their website and social media platforms.

The Sierra Club

The Sierra Club has been saving millions of acres of wilderness since 1892. They helped to pass the Clear Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Help pass more of these acts to save the planet by donating here.

The National Geographic Society

Connected with the iconic National Geographic magazine, this society is a non-profit that works to protect and explore the planet, while also educating others on their findings. Donations will go saving wildlife, the ocean, and empowering innovative scientists.

The Humane Society

The Humane Society of the United States is the an animal protection organization. They provide hands-on care to over 100,000 animals each year, while also equipping local organizations to carry out the mission of the humane society as well.


Oceana specifically works to protect and preserve the oceans that surround us. This, of course, is a larger portion of our earth and should be equally supported amongst those who are looking to support organizations on Earth Day.

Earth Justice

The motto for Earth Justice says it all: “Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.” This organization fights for justice on earth’s behalf by equipping lawyers to fight for what’s right for our planet.

Turning Green

Turning Green is a student-led organization that is teaching sustainability for lifestyles, schools, and communities. They host the Project Green Challenge, a month-long global challenge in October that encourages high school and college students to live sustainably.

Earth Day Network

Last, but certainly not least, is the Earth Day Network. You may recognize them as the ones fronting the March for Science taking place on Earth Day in Washington D.C. this year. They work to build a movement for environmental democracy through activism, education, and consumer campaigns.