& Other Stories Bridesmaid Dresses Are Here

Whether or not you happen to be planning a wedding — indeed, whether or not you're engaged or even dating someone seriously — it's always nice to know that there are good fashion options out there. Exciting (and relatively new to the U.S.) clothing brand & Other Stories is coming out with a bridesmaids collection, so brides and prospective brides the world over can officially breathe a sigh of relief.

Bridesmaids dresses have kind of a bad rep for being something you spend exorbitant amounts of money on... then only wear once. Luckily, & Other Stories is shaking things up in that regard, because their dresses are both affordable and cute — you'll be able to recycle them for lots of occasions (heck, some of them you could even repurpose for work/school, if you're feeling particularly festive). They also happen to feature super of-the-moment colors and silhouettes, so they'll make for quite the trendy wedding party.

As & Other Stories' Head of Creative Lab Caroline Björkholm explains in a press release shared with Bustle, "We want our designs to become part of your wardrobe and follow you throughout the seasons. With this collection we highlight occasion dressing this summer, weddings in particular, but each one of these dresses has a versatile quality that can easily turn it to one of your most loved and worn pieces."

& Other Stories

Have you heard of & Other Stories yet? They're a Swedish brand, relatively new to the scene — you've probably noticed them popping up a lot lately. They have recently made the trip across the Atlantic, with boutiques opening in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C.

& Other Stories

If you live in the areas listed above, it's a store well-worth a visit — and if you don't, it should go without saying that their online store is great too.

& Other Stories

Their new bridal/bridesmaid collection is perfect for a summer wedding, and a rep for the brand confirmed to Bustle that most of the dresses are available now, in stores and online — so, consider this a signal boost for everyone out there tying the knot!