This Multi-Tasking Oil Will Help You Get The Glass Hair Trend

OUAI is primarily known as a hair care brand and it's one that got a boost out of the gates due to founder Jen Atkin's association with the well-coiffed Kardashians. Well, OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil has been around for about a year and it does, like, 10 things! Adding a super shiny gloss to hair and taming those pesky flyaways are just two of its many powers. It's such a superhero product that it deserves to wear cape. Perhaps I just handed over an idea for fellow fans when they take top shelfies of this product!

Regardless, I have been using this oil nonstop for the past month for a variety of tasks. I have been infusing my clean hair with a few pumps of this stuff so it's glassy 'n' glistening — especially in natural sunlight. The megawatt shiny "glass hair" trend can be yours in a subtle way with this product. You get the dose of shine but it's not blinding.

Plus, your hair won't be weighed down since this formula is so lightweight. If you find Moroccanoil or shine sprays to be a bit too rich or heavy in summer, OUAI Rose Gold Hair & Body Oil can carry you through the fall and its up and down weather patterns.

Another benefit? When I rake my fingers through my hair to apply the small drops I've pumped into my hand, the product moisturizes my parched fingers. I moisturize daily and get biweekly manis and I still battle scorched earth cuticles. OUAI RH&BO has helped combat that nonsense.

It's a multi-use, millennial pink miracle. I've also utilized it as my post-morning shower moisturizer. It gets the job done, even on those incredibly humid days where I felt like I was melting and basting while walking my dog. Since it's also formulated for hair, I never have to worry about my long strands swiping my arm, picking up some of the product, and then looking all greasy!

One thing I also adore about OUAI's Rose Hair & Body Oil is the light, airy scent. I typically shy away from synthetic rose aromas. In fact, I only like the scent of the real flowers themselves. Rose perfumes and lotions? Not so much. Until I discovered this product! It's rosy — just scented enough to linger and to smell fresh. It's not overpowering, even if you layer a few coats on skin or dispense a few pump into your hair. That's likely because it's tempered with Bergamot, Lychee, and White Musk notes.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Here's OUAI RH&BO working IRL. The formula is light but super effective.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

I massaged some into my heart finger tattoo and the sheen makes it POP!

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Look at that shine! While I don't use the oil in my bangs because that would be a legit mess, I do rake it through the shaft and ends to keep them looking and feeling healthy.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

There's my strands — shiny like glass and smelling so, so good. I also have summer-beaten, slightly chapped lips so I used an ever-so-slight layer of OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil on my sore top lip, too. Not a drop of this stuff goes to waste or unused.

My hair is usually pretty shiny and glassy due to a variety of products I've put to the test. But OUAI has been my fave thus far.

I'm a total convert and plan on using this multi-tasker through the fall.