This Rose Gold Razor Completely Changed The Way I See Shaving

Courtesy Oui Shave

Of all the steps in a beauty routine, shaving my legs has always been my least favorite. It's expensive, mildly terrifying, and a pain to keep up with. I've tried everything from testing different brands to avoiding it once and for all, but there's one gorgeous product that has changed it all. Oui Shave's Rose Gold Razor is revolutionizing shaving for women. This product is way more than just a pretty item. It's a way to beat the pink tax and razor burn once and for all.

I can still remember the first razor that I ever used. It was bright pink, made of plastic, and I knicked my legs more time than I could count. Over ten years later, my technique hadn't gotten much better. No matter how slow I went or how new the razor, it seems like I still get at least one cut after shaving. Not to mention the tiny bumps underneath my armpits and around my bikini line. But it turns out that it wasn't me — it was the razor.

What originally drew me to Oui Shave's single blade razor was the eco-friendly benefits. You buy one razor for $95 and it comes with enough single blades for at least a year. Not having to buy any razors all year saves a lot of plastic from the landfill and a whole lot of money. It ended up doing a whole lot more than just that. The rose gold razor saved my skin too.

Courtesy Oui Shave

When I first got the razor, I was intimidated by the single blade. You unscrew the handle of the razor, take the top off, sandwich the blade inside, and put it back together. Unlike other razors, there is no safety blade on this. It's just a straight razor doing the job.

"The biggest differences between the Oui razor and plastic razors are the weight and the angle," Karen Young, founder of Oui Shave, tells Bustle. "Because multi-blade razors are a combination of dull and sharp blades, we've developed the habit of pressing the razor into our skin in order to force a close shave. Our safety razor is weighted towards the head so that it applies all the pressure you need."

I started shaving with the Oui Shave Razor very slow, because, well, I was afraid of the blade. According to Young, this razor is safe to shave legs, bikini line, and armpits. All you have to do is hold the razor at a 30 degree angle and let the weight of the razor do the rest.

Courtesy Oui Shave

I was shocked not to have any cuts on my legs after using the razor for the first time. But it was even more shocking to admit that I haven't have any cuts at all in the month and a half that I've been using this razor. On top of that, I no longer get bumps along my bikini line, and my armpits are never irritated.

"Because the single blade in the Oui razor skims hair from the surface of the skin, instead of cutting it below the surface, there is less risk of hair retracting, curling, or growing sideways to cause ingrown hairs," Young tells Bustle.

"In addition, with a single blade, you're no longer shaving with dull multi-blades that rake over the skin and cause razor burn. We've formulated our products to keep skin and hair moisturized and soft- the best conditions for a close, non-irritating shave."

Oui Shave's Rose Gold Razor is the best shaving tool that I have ever used. My skin is less irritated, my hair grows back smoother, and I no longer fear shaving. Major bonus points that I'm saving money and am beating the pink tax as well.

Courtesy Oui Shave

If I was a superhero, I would deliver one of these razors to every woman in the world. Everyone deserves smooth skin without being terrified of the razor, if that's what he or she wants. This razor does that and so much more.