Still Need Solar Eclipse Glasses? Take Advantage Of Overnight Shipping From These Stores

by Eliza Castile

Are you desperate to watch the eclipse? Would you prefer not to burn your eyes to a sizzling crisp? Are you an avowed procrastinator? If you answered yes to all of the above, your best bet to retain your eyesight is to overnight solar eclipse glasses to your doorstep before the sun dims across the country on Aug. 21. This close to the big day, more than a few online stores have run out of stock, and physical locations are hit-or-miss. But there are still options — especially if you're willing to pay for them.

Astronomers have dubbed tomorrow's event, in which the moon will pass in front of the sun for several minutes, the Great American Solar Eclipse. Eclipses themselves aren't all that rare; the last total solar eclipse to take place over the continental Untied States was in 1979. What makes Monday special, though, is that Aug. 21 marks the first time in 99 years such an event has spanned the country from coast to coast.

Appropriately, Americans are losing their minds over the eclipse. Stores all over the country have reportedly sold out of eclipse glasses, and hundreds, if not thousands, of public and private events are planned for Monday.

Whether you're in the path of totality or getting a partial view of the eclipse, protecting your eyes is of paramount importance. The clock is ticking, but there's still time to have eclipse glasses shipped overnight from a few reputable sellers, including those listed below. Happy viewing!

Halo Eclipse


Most of Halo Eclipse's ever-so-fashionable glasses are sold out, but the pricey Zenith and Umbra styles are still in stock with priority express shipping.

Lunt Solar Systems


Lunt Solar Systems still has glasses in stock via Amazon, including special kid-size spectacles. Traditional glasses are priced at $59.95 for a pack of five.

Khan Scope


It's not quite overnight shipping, but desperate times. If you live in Toronto, Canada, Khan Scope has solar glasses in stock. Order online and pick them up on Sunday or Monday morning from their physical store.


Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

American Paper Optics is listed as a reputable solar viewer brand with the American Astronomical Society. While the company's website is out of stock, it has a list of approved vendors on Amazon. Currently, some of these vendors still have glasses in stock, although you may have to fork over more money than expected. Be sure to select overnight shipping at checkout.

If none of these options work out, you can also check the American Astronomical Society page for reputable solar filter vendors and do a little detective work of your own. With the eclipse so close, though, your best bet may be to head to a physical retailer — or use NASA's suggestions for viewing the eclipse without glasses.